Saturday, January 16, 2016

♥ MeTalk Mobile App ♥

is a simple and affordable solution to allow individuals and organisation to take control of their communication.

Metalk service is built for people who take their personal security and privacy seriously. They log only enough information to provide and maintain their services to users, no more, no less. They provide highly reliable encryption on top of various security features to safeguard users against malicious attempts at accessing their confidential chats.

Metalk further differentiates themselves through providing a series of business functions well suited for individuals who frequently communicate business decisions on the move. They're also constantly innovating to embed more useful features into the app, allowing their users the ease of mind when connecting with friends, family, colleagues and business partners alike!

Metalk can be download from both Apple and Andriod users!

Metalk featuring 6 awesome functions which cannot be found on any other chatting apps!

1: Pattern Password which is the Pattern Lock (Free for all users)
Allow you to have much more security. Once enabled, each time you return to Metalk, you will need to draw the unlock pattern. After a few consecutive failed attempts, all chat history stored locally in your phone will be automatically clearly, preventing unauthorised access when the phone is stolen or lost.

2: Deceptive View which is the Chat Log (Paid Function)
You can freely alter your contact's avatars and aliases. Best for hiding the receiver's identity from prying eyes or simply from nosy friends! No one knows for sure who you are in fact chatting with, total deception!

3: Whispher Mode (Paid Function) 
Subscribers have the option of sending text, images or voice messages that will self-destruct after a timed period upon receipt, leaving no traces of the chat record anywhere. When the message expires, only you and the reciver know what had been communicated, no one else!

4: Chat Minutes (Free for all users)
Group chat functions have evolved into online meeting and decision making spaces for the regular business user. Metalk allows users to easily select sections of a chat and store it away as meeting minutes for common reference.

5: Activity Management (Free for all users)
Business users have tonnes of meetings and social activities, and sometimes lose track of it. Metalk allows users to post a future activity, manage the attendance and send alerts when the date draws near. You can even attach a set of meeting minutes to an activity.

6: Work Calendar (Free for all users)
Metalk timeline function works more like a calendar of events that has transpired as well as what is to come. Keep track of your upcoming activities easily, or ask your personal assistant to get a Metalk account and do the tracking for you!

Let's start using Metalk today! Add me up on my Metalk ID 41145278