Friday, June 12, 2015

♥ Cats Carnival @EXPO 2015 ♥

#selfie This time round not posting about adverts/work. Been ages didn't update of myself, so here I am posting my latest photos. 

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A month ago working for Classic Credit at Cats Carnival EXPO, am glad to work together with them. Thank you for having me!

All photos below credit to TH PHOTOGRAPHY 

Thank you Terence for taking amazing photos of me!

Pretty much a not bad event but due to massive of air-conditioning that chill me all over real cold.
But still I enjoyed myself with the friendly crews that we shared jokes and laughter during work. Happened to see many lovelies kids. 
Thank you very much for those who specially came down to photograph me and YES I REMEMBER ALL OF YOU !

Appreciated for those who have been very supportive of me..