Monday, April 27, 2015

♥ Milly's Korean 6D Lash ♥

Hi ladies! I'm glad to inform you girls that Milly has new KOREAN 6D LASH !
This LATEST KOREAN 6D LASH is so much SOFTER. LIGHT-WEIGHT. 6D CURVE. DIAMOND BLACK. ! I've been trying it for a good one month! It totally open up my eyes instantly, in love with the DOLLY EYES look even without eyeliner. =D

Nothing beat better than all the best qualities in one lash !

You may compare from my previous lash, this is way MUCH BETTER for like 100TIMES :D

♥ 6D CURVE ♥

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Once again my upper and lash lash can last me up to a month, well how do I take care of these lovely lashes? Usually, I'll wash my face without touching my lash. And DO NOT pluck out the lash ! This is very important. I've already done my lash with MILLY for going 2 years, and I still doing single strand. Best of all, my own lash still look volume and long. Milly's lash doesn't cause my own lash to break, thus single strand lash extension can tell it straight away.
You girls should avoid plucking your lash, it effect the lash extension and is hurtful for your own lash. 

Interested to try the LATEST KOREAN 6D LASH?
Do quote NAOMI to have the same lash to be done. Or you may show my picture too!Right now MILLY having a promo for all the lovely girls to try out the LATEST KOREAN 6D LASH with an AFFORDABLE price !

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for the price of $68nett (Usual $100)

My lash is done by you you
Only available at BUGIS CUBE 

Call 6337 6876 to make an appointment with you you.

*Happy MILLY's LASH Day ! ♥