Monday, April 20, 2015

♥ Browtisan X Brow embroidery ♥

I'm fortunate to be invited to try Browtisan's Brow embroidery service. This pleasant business is located at 402 Orchard Road #03-17 Delfi Orchard. Their facebook page alone will tell you that this new business has stellar service, and is gaining publicity from their likes and excellent reviews/testimonials. 

Their facebook page can be found here 

I'm excited for my FIRST Brow embroidery. It ook me awhile to go for brow embroidery cause I'm afraid of the pain and I've heard mixed reviews about it. These doubts went away after my first visit to Browtisan. After deciding to give it a shot and some research, I decided to reach out to Browtisan and they invited me to pay them a visit.

*Photos all are unaltered and without makeup

Here I have removed by brow makeup, it is obviously nowhere close to my desired brow shape.

My desire is to have the Korean style Brow which is thick and slightly curved.

Coco drew this fashionable Korean brow for me that matches my eyes and accentuates my face shape. Immediately you can see how this simple process had such a huge impact on my outlook.

Numbing brow time!

Coco's accolades

Was waiting for the numbing cream to settle and I stumbled across this beautiful waiting area  >.<

I decided to go for a dark brown color for my brows to match my hair colour.

To my astonishment, I barely felt any pain! Throughout the whole process, I was chatting with Coco and trying hard not to laugh at our conversation.

La pi xiao xin brow. *haha.. This was when Coco dyed my brow with the dark brown color. I know some of you wish to see these brows on me on the streets. 

The dark brown dye on one eye is almost done!

Coco applying some after care serum

Right after the brow embroidery, Coco explained how to take care of my brows. It involves being very cautious for the first week. Being in the sun for extended periods of time is a definite no, and sweating too much would cause a distortion in the colour.

Moments after my Brow Embroidery, I am fascinated with the results even though it would still be some time for the Embroidery to settle.

Cheers to less makeup time and waking up everyday with natural looking brows!

Coco gave me some after care serum for wound repairs, and tegaderm film for facial washes and showers. The good news is I only have to wait one week to achieve the best looking brow!

I'm glad to have my Brow Embroidery done by Browtisan. My mornings are less stressful because of Coco,

Loving my brows!

Without makeup 3rd day after Brow Embroidery 

With light makeup at the 1 week mark!

I have been getting feedback that my new korean style brows make me look younger,so a big 
THANK YOU to Browtisan and Coco!

Do call 6235 2355 to make an appointment with Coco for Customized Brow embroideries!
Right now Browtisan have this promo to enjoy a $200 off any eyebrow embroidery service including 1 free after service review. Sign up on Browtisan's facebook page at

This deal is valid for the first 100 customers so call quick!

Terms and Conditions apply. 

Thank you Browtisan !  ♥