Monday, March 23, 2015

♥ Hong Kong Trip (December 2014) *DISNEYLAND ♥

Hi guys! Sorry for the long overdue Hong Kong post ! Year 2015 have been a busy year for me, finally I got the time to do my travel post =D
Yup, every year I've been traveling to Hong Kong and still goes to Disneyland ! *Haha.. This year of 2014, Disneyland have Frozen. Very popular among the little girls

I love to travel to Hong Kong at the end of the year because the weather is cooling ! Perfect weather for me

Mickey decoration in christmas theme

Lots of #selfie

My FAVORITE Disney character "SHELLIE MAY"
Shellie May is Duffy's girlfriend 

Duffy and Shellie May only in Disneyland

Taking all the rides 
Enjoying childhood times once again

Yup! I definitely enjoyed myself very much!

Munching away sweet corn
*yum yum

Rushing over to the castle for the most amazing moment! Which is the Firework that everyone have been waiting for

Mickey in the dark

Candy floss on Led lightstick 


羊肉湯 perfect for cold weather :)

Claypot rice 

Stay tune for another Hong Kong post !