Thursday, February 26, 2015

♥ Astique Aesthetics Clinic * JAW CONTOURING * ♥

Hi guys! I'm glad to be back at ASTIQUE CLINIC
Well, this time round I would like to enquire of my Squarish JAW. Do u guys remember I had my FIRST Botox on my jaw at ASTIQUE CLINIC done by my favorite Dr Mathew. And it have been a year or more, is time for review and touch up. =D 

All the photos below are NOT EDITED 

As I was proceeded to the comfort zone, I saw this picture of a beautiful lady that attracted my attention and wow I saw the amazing price going on at ASTIQUE CLINIC 

Love this table 

After consulting with Dr Mathew, he recommended DYSPORT which I used it on my FIRST Botox that I did on my Jaw one year ago. I strongly agreed with Mathew that DYSPORT is a good Botox brand, cause it last me for more than a year \^.^/


What is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to treat the abnormal head position and neck pain that happens with cervical dystonia (CD) in adults.
The anti-wrinkle treatment Dysport works better than its older, more popular rival, Botox, at least on certain parts of the face, researchers say.
Dysport is so much better and newly improved compare to botox.

The Jaw area which annoyed me 

Right now my jaw area was on numbing cream. 20 mins of numbing cream will do!

Go away Squarish Jaw, I don't love u !

Yeah ~! I'm all done with the DYSPORT Botox injected on my Jaw area. The result is not instant, will starting to show some result between 2-4 weeks. Please be patience and allow 2-4 weeks for the result to be taken :) I can't wait for the FINAL RESULT and I'm gonna share with you guys ! 
Stay tune to this space for the FINAL RESULT

Naomi's Testimony for AstiqueClinicSG ♥
Astique Clinic is a heart warming place that make everyone feel like homed. 
Dr Mathew is very gentle, caring, patience, professional and a very good listener !
He ask for your needs/problems/issues and right after explain to you in details with patience.
Not forgetting the caring and friendly staffs that helped me so much.
I'm very pleased and honored to know Astique  ♥
Thank you so much for the awesome hospitality 


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