Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Good Game 2014 Gaming Convention

Hello gamers! From my previous post about Good Game Convention 2014, I said that I'll be Good Game Convention 2014 VIP and also COSPLAYing a character from DOTA 2, so have u got it correctly? Yes! I'm COSPLAYing CRYSTAL MAIDEN from DOTA 2 ! Totally in LOVE with this AWESOME custom handmade costume by them. 
This would be the most exciting gaming event with the prize of $50,00
Thank you for all the respective sponsors, Singtel, Suntec Singapore, Evangelesports, Oasis, Twitch, Armageddon, Ok energy drink, JoinDOTA
A big THANK YOU for making some free time to come down to take photos with me!

Thank you for having me at this amazing Good Game Convention event! 
I did enjoyed myself doing COSPLAY as CRYSTAL MAIDEN
I personally think this is a very different event from those i did in the past. An exciting event especially when the players are challenging among each other with different teams, I think it take up alot of time and teamwork during the match. I'm starting to grow in love with COSPLAY ! The costume make me extremely pretty 

With the two Famous and Professional gamers from overseas.
To my surprised, they're ridiculously FAMOUS especially SING SING. I heard he's the best in DOTA 2 player, a DOTA 2 celebrity. 

Look at the crowds! WOW! 

Everybody were obsessed with the match going on 

This is one of the most exciting moment, whereby the MC will report the match going on in details.


I had lots of fun going around taking selfies and pictures whilst everyone is so engrossed with the match going on

The other area of  DOTA 2 matches going on

I'm amazed by these GAMER SEATS by DXRACER

These gamers are on fully geared gaming stuffs like computer, keyboard, mouse, sear, headphone..
Btw, These gamers are in the gaming box on the stage

The platform whereby the MC Tobby and Professional gamer SING SING doing announcement report in details of the match going on

Another COSPLAYER at the event, I've no idea what character is this. But pretty cool

Photo taken at the Ok energy drink booth with the lovely ladies 

Super close-up  of me

Photos below are taken from some of the photographers during the event. Thank you for these beautiful pictures !

I'm glad that Good Game Convention 2014 has make it to a successful gaming DOTA 2 event!
Once again, THANK YOU for having me! Hope to see you guys and collaborate again!