Sunday, January 25, 2015

♥ The Clifford Clinic ♥

Hello guys! 
I'm very excited and eager to share THE CLIFFORD CLINIC Trusted Hands with you ! 

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Let's check out the clinic!

THE CLIFFORD SHOP whereby you can purchase products that are not on the stores, pretty cool! Don't you think so? :)

I was welcomed by their heart-warming staffs and Dr Gerard Ee

Dr Gerard Ee an experienced and promising doctor with the most excellent hands I've met. What I find so special is how he really understands how to make people more beautiful and caters various treatment options exactly to your needs.

Modern chic interior

Reception corner

Dr Gerard Ee and me at the pathway along the main entrance

This is the place whereby you can cleanse, remove makeup and put on your makeup! Cosy space for everyone

#selfie before my consultation with Dr Gerard Ee

Today I'll be consulting with Dr Gerard Ee and review my skin problems. I can't wait to gain back my beautiful and flawless skin! Ever since I had chicken pox and my skin started to breakout after, I'm very upset and traumatized by the bad breakouts! And here I'm with Dr Gerard Ee to my RESCUE !

I had very very bad acne marks and scars and some leftover chicken pox scars. It take up a lot of my time by concealing them, and it make me no confident at all with bare face. After consultation, Dr Gerard Ee had the best solutions to my RESCUE ! Will reveal on my next post on the treatment I did by Dr Gerard Ee. Do check out this space for the amazing treatment that THE CLIFFORD CLINIC provided.



Call 6532 2400 to make an appointment

Operating hours 
Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm
Sat 10am - 2pm
Closed on Sunday and public holidays