Monday, December 01, 2014


Hi guys, I'm back for Surgery blogpost. I'm sure you guys are excited to see my surgery pictures. Fret not, there are no pig face nor bleeding pictures.
In fact, I don't experienced much swelling nor scary bruises. For this I could say I've a great awesome doctor! And I'm lucky! =D
The picture above is taken immediately right after my surgery by Grand Plastic Surgery
I experienced mostly of the side effects of my first General Anaesthesia, I vomit, shivered and cold, dizzy, confusion, sore throat. 
Please take note: It doesn't happen to everyone, is just that my body is weak that's why I experienced the side effects of General Anaesthesia. From here, I would like to give Grand Plastic Surgery a 10/10 for taking extra care of me. I felt so loved by their staffs, translators, nurses. They checked on me every 10mins to make sure I'm alright. It was pretty a hard time for me at this peak period but I'm glad that everybody is so nice to me. I was advised by my doctor that I should stay in for one night. Fyi, if you guys have any medical issues. MUST TELL THEM ON THE EMAIL ALONG WITH YOUR SURGERY ENQUIRIES. Btw, did I mentioned on my previous blogpost that Grand Plastic Surgery did a FULL BODY CHECKUP FOR ME? Yup, to my surprised they did FULL BODY CHECKUP. Cause I heard from friends that not every clinics in Korea does that. Mostly, they will just do blood test. To me, I think FULL BODY CHECKUP is NEEDED especially you're going under surgery.
 I'm in good hands of Grand Plastic Surgery 

Woke up the next day with my breakfast! 
Trust me, I had this everyday and every single meals.

Post surgery Day 3, not much swell as u can tell from the picture.
*No edit of photo
I was down with flu and cold that's why I'm with face mask

Honest speaking, I was undergo General Anaesthesia, it was ZERO PAIN DURING THE SURGERY AND EVEN THE SURGERY. I don't feel a tiny bit of pain even I was woke up after the surgery. All I felt is drowsy. I was glad that it didn't felt any pain by the surgery. I felt it was so amazing that after woke up, and my surgery is done.

Owl says Good Night

Post surgery Day 5
I was slightly better from flu and cold. Able to went out shopping with my girlfriends and taking selfies :)

Somehow after nose rhinoplasty, my skin around the middle part of my eyes area are stretched a little which is good cause my eyes look kind of bigger, wider and more define.


I love how my side profile look right now ! Especially my nose and forehead

Had hair wash at this salon every single day nearby our hotel.
I love korea hair wash, especially their hair styling is perfect!
Make me look korean.. =)

This is perfect for Korea cold weather.

My favourite Churros !

Panda Mascot posing on the camera

I prefer this brand of Pumpkin porridge, cause is less sweet compared to the other one.
Very easy to make, just open and put in oven to heat up for 10mins? I think so, caused everyday the hotel people heat up for me. Can be bought at any convenience store like GS25, CU, MINISTOP

A group photo with the girls

Post surgery Day 6

Today we went to Lotte world to pay the rubber duck a visit, decided to be a tourist and enjoy the sightseeing.. Scroll down for more pictures!

This is Melissa, my best companion on this Korea trip. 
We take care of each other and she's very nice !

Some selfie of me! Pardon me for no makeup and there's a nose cast. 
Well, that's the least everyone would look after surgery.
I'm very lucky enough that I didn't experienced much swelling, It could be my amazing doctor skill!
Which is Dr Yoon sung woon ! Everyone have been commenting that I don't look like I undergo surgery unlike those who went surgery whose face swollen like a pig and with bruises everywhere on the face. 
I'm glad that I'm in GOOD HAND.

Yayness for that !

Rubber duck which is crowded by many Koreans

With the lovely girls
Melissa, Me, Reiee

Nice picture taken by Reiee, She's very good at it! 

Fairy tale decorations inside Lotte Mall


It's Time for FOOD!

The best place in Korea for BEEF
Thank you Reiee for bringing us to this BEEF restaurant 
We ordered too much but we can finished all of them with just 3 of us!
And yes, actually I already started to eat so much after my Day 3 of my surgery. Right after when I recovered from my flu and cold.

Post surgery Day 7

I'm VERY EXCITED for today! Cause today is my removal of stitches and nose cast DAY! 
And I can draw my eyebrow. Grand is really professional that the doctors make sure every patient's wound is fully heal be able to remove stitches. Pardon me for the bad angle which can't really tell the perfect shape of my nose.
During stitches and nose cast removal, I don't feel anything. I even asked the doctor and nurse is it done? Haha.. Just that after the nose cast removed, my nose was so sticky due to the residue that was lay onto my nose for 7days, this is normal. Not to worry, Dr Yoon sung woon clean away the stickiness and all the dirt inside my nostril. I was advised not to dig nose and to sleep straight up for at least one month. 

I think every side profile does the best work of showing how does my nose look like after removing nose cast. Dr Yoon sung woon has removed my nose cast and the first layer of the stitches inside my nostril. Yup, my nose left with second layer of stitches. Will remove the last layer which is the second layer of the stitches after days later. YES! I already love how I look at my side profile! Although my nose just removed nose cast and it was still swollen. Not in the best shape/state yet! But I love it!
Stay in this space for my next coming post of Grand Plastic Surgery full recovery.