Monday, November 24, 2014


Have you guys heard of TRIANGL BIKINI?
Neoprene BIKINIS 
Affordable and effortlessly cool 
I received this set of bikini from TRIANGL Aussie


TRIANGL INSTAGRAM : @triangl_swimwear

Yah~ I got a new set of bikini added to my collection.
Loving this set of bikini
It's the most comfy bikini i ever had.
Excellent material 

Want a long and happy life your new bikini?
How to take extra care for your neoprene bikini?

 ♥ Store your bikini flat, as folding them will cause creases
 ♥ Hand wash your bikini in cold water after contact with chlorine or salt water and dry them flat
 ♥ Do not machine wash or tumble dry
 ♥ If creases do form, you can iron them inside out, be careful not to place iron directly on to neoprene.

How to purchase?

 ♥ Go to

♥ Click on SHOP ONLINE

♥ Choose your desire bikini

♥ Many sizing for you to choose from bikini top to bottom, there's a sizing guideline for you

♥ Add to bag and choose your shipping and you're done!

♥ Within a week i received my bikini.
Pretty fast i could say.