Friday, July 04, 2014

♥ Hong Kong Trip (June 2014) Part 2 ♥

Yay~! Hong Kong trip was really fun !

Awaiting for my mom to be ready and set off!
Today we're heading to Disneyland in Hong Kong

#OOTD for Disneyland
I opt for chiffon dress to go with it :)

Love my hair color?
Get to my Hair Stylist at 
China Square Central 
Book an appointment at 6221 6866
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My stylist (JERRY)

 Need sudden long hair for occasion?
Go to 
Far East Plaza 
Book an appointment 6737 6723
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My nail done by (CHLOE)
My eyelash extension done by (GINA)

Pardon me for tons of #selfies !

Had steak for lunch 

My favorite French toast !!
This is so yummy! I had it everyday in Hong Kong

On the Mickey train to Disneyland 

#selfie again >.<

Love the sun kiss that make my picture perfect  ♥

And we're here !
Such a bright day 

Mickey fountain 

Ticket booth


Winnie the Pooh 

Disney Princesses 

Stitch !


Pooh bear used to be one of my favorite cartoon when I was young

Go Disneyland must take photo with the beautiful princesses  ♥

Popcorn and ice-cream carts

My childhood favorite ride


Next Jumbo Elephant

Yea~ I can really selfie everywhere 

Weather too hot, after finished half of the rides. Went in to the mall and shop around.

Ridiculous sunglasses

Continue conquer all rides !

I like this ride the most, forget what's it called.
But it was inside some space thingy, very dark and it move fast turning left and right.

I take all rides until close, is time for beautiful moment.

And we end the day 

These are what i got at Disneyland

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Stay tune for Hong Kong Trip part 3!
Happy weekend !