Monday, May 19, 2014

♥ Yoogane Korean Restaurant in SINGAPORE ♥

Hello friends ! I've a great news to share with you.
For those who doesn't aware of YOOGANE KOREAN RESTAURANT, here's a short information regarding the FAMOUS and POPULAR YOOGANE in KOREA.
The best Chicken Galbi and what best is, this is affordable !

Established in 1981, we pride ourselves as one of the most popular and best Chicken Galbi Restaurants in Korea - all this is made possible through the continuous support and love from our customers.

Yoogane is extremely well received in Busan , Korea - where it all started. Despite fierce competition from other restaurants specializing in chicken galbi, we were able to achieve tremendous success. The unique blend of sauces and seasoning that we have developed using top and fresh ingredients is what sets us apart from others. 

Especially popular with the younger generation in Korea, our following has also expanded to all families and age groups throughout the years. We are always looking to improve our quality and menu to develop the most unique dining experience for our growing family of customers.

The in charge is explaining to us what's YOOGANE very patiently while everybody is so curious and attentive ! Cause they have some lucky draw going on at yoogane.singapore.
Do check out their Facebook page and kindly click "LIKE" for their latest updates and glorious food pictures 

Right here, this is the FREE-FLOW corner with refillable KIMCHI, SALADS and their STRAWBERRY SAUCE all specially flown from KOREA ! 
This is an authentic YOOGANE !

The special STRAWBERRY SAUCE taste really good ! 
A great dressing for the side dishes 

Seasonal Special !
Chicken Galbi with Chukkumi Octopus
This is one of the best dish ! MUST TRY ~~

Chicken Galbi
YOOGANE SINGAPORE only served tender chicken thigh meat
The Authentic Original dish

Sticky Noodles
For those who loves not too soft noodles :)

Namemyeon Noodles
For those who loves not too soft and hard noodles :)

Have no idea how to DIY yourself?
Fret not, you will be well served by their professional staffs 
They're very friendly and professional.
While they're cooking for you, they will explain to you anything regarding YOOGANE
Cause YOOGANE is new in SINGAPORE 
So professional, ain't they?
Now you can dine in comfortably and have a taste of the best Chicken Galbi without flying to Korea and with such an affordable price !

 I really love looking at the staff doing this to the noodles and so i tried myself 

Full range of Fruits Soda ! 
My favorite drinks with YOOGANE chicken origami 

I invited Shenny to experience this amazing YOOGANE together with me !
I'm glad that you enjoyed the yummy food ~!

Chicken and Seafood Galbi
This will be the famous dish in SINGAPORE especially for seafood lovers !

A plate full of chukkumi Octopus ♥
Major love for myself, I love Octopus !

Let's start cooking!
I wanted to DIY myself for the dish.

YOOGANE SINGAPORE is so detailed that they even put a safety cylinder for you, just in case you got yourself burn by the cooking. 

My favorite Chukkumi Octopus !!
Can't wait to eat u 

In a mid of cooking 

A close up picture of the cooked dish of Chicken and Seafood Galbi
Looking good and mouth watering !

Yay~! Chukkumi Octopus is ♥ 

Chicken Galbi Fried rice
Very unique fried rice that i ever tried

Korean Seafood Pancake
Suitable for Seafood and Veg lovers 

Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil with various vegetables, sometimes served with chicken , and flavoured with soy sauce, and sweetened with sugar

Chicken Galbi Stew
Best for working crowds who just got an hour to dine.
It's very tasty ! 

After all the sumptuous dishes, is time for SELFIE :P

I had a great time spend at YOOGANE SINGAPORE.
An ideal for family, friends, gathering with such an affordable price and awesome dishes.

Thank you for inviting me and get to know YOOGANE 

I invited Milly too and she really love the food !

While we girls were busy taking seflies, the wonderful dessert is here!
The Korean Fish Ice-cream !!
This is super nice !

Korean Fish Ice-cream and YOOGANE chicken Origami is major 

Milly, Me , Reiee
All of us were very happy and contented with the food at YOOGANE SINGAPORE

Us still not eating the fish ice-cream but busy taking lots of selfie =)

Me and Reiee

Did you guys realized why all the dishes are always end with the word GALBI?
What's GALBI?
Galbi means the meat/seafood are marinated with Korean special spicy sauce, each meat/seafood have their own different sauces that was marinated in it for better tasting and easier cooking after. It's definitely a popular and famous dish over the years in Korea. 

Me and one of the person who brought in the yummy YOOGANE to SINGAPORE
Thank you for sharing such an amazing Korean restaurant to SINGAPORE

A group photo with my friends
Justin(Reiee's bf), Reiee, Milly and Me
We all are happy with the food and great services at YOOGANE SINGAPORE

I'm sure you guys are very eager to know where's this awesome yummy food located at?

YOOGANE SINGAPORE is located at 
Bugis Junction 
Tel: 6337 7337

Operating hours at 
Monday to Sunday 
11am to 10pm
Open daily 


Follow YOOGANE SINGAPORE Instagram @yooganesg

YOOGANE SINGAPORE also provide Complimentary phone charging services for Samsung and Iphone users  ♥

I'm glad to share this wonderful experienced with YOOGANE SINGAPORE with you guys =D
Have a nice lunch/dinner with your love ones at YOOGANE SINGAPORE