Friday, May 02, 2014

♥ SexyLook (Mirco Inject Mask) X LoveMore (Glacier water soothing Mask) ♥

When I was back from HongKong, I open my house door with a parcel receive by ! To my surprise, I received two different type of popular face masks that are highly rave in Taiwan ! These face masks are seen on 《女人我最大》 

The face masks are 
♥ SexyLook (Mirco Inject Mask) X LoveMore (Glacier water soothing Mask) ♥

Where can you buy them? 
You may purchase at any Watson stores or purchase online over here
It's so convenient, feeling lazy ? You may purchase it online and it will deliver right on your doorstep !

♥ SexyLook (Mirco Inject Mask) ♥

Can't wait to try this Hydrating Mirco Mask ! 
Keep your skin HYDRATED ALL DAY LONG !

Beside hydrating purpose, it helps to firm your V-shape face! (V)

Micro penetration HIGH PERFORMANCE 
High density double microvia invincible mask sheet with high adhesion power enhances the absorption and penetration of essence DOUBLE THE EFFECTIVENESS ! ♥

Double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre ensures maximum penetration of essence with precise ergonomic design. 
Unique hydro net plumps up skin while the functional essence penetrates deeply into the skin, giving skin a firming effect, feeling soft and supple after use.

The highly concentrated and intensive hydrating functional repairing essence rapidly pumps up skin moisture while soothe and calm irritated skin. It also helps to boost skin's natural resilience.

How To Use ?
Simply place mask over face after cleansing. 
Leave it for 15-20mins.
Discard the mask after use and ta-dah! 
Your skin are fully moisture ♥
Great ideal for all skin types =)

♥ LoveMore (Glacier water soothing Mask) ♥

Quick Fix for SOOTHE and REINFORCE natural skin protection !

With unique combination of minerals and trace elements, pure Swiss Alps glacier water enhances esence penetration, resulting in long-lasting hydration. Combined with AC.NET (Sebum controlling agent) and botanical extract, it helps condition skin for less visible pores and a clearer complexion.

It contains Antarctcine, Cucumber, Aloe vera, AC.NET, Tea tree and Natto ingredients !
These ingredients are mainly for soothing and moisturize the skin.

How To Use ?
Remove white plastic sheet 
Fit mask over face
Remove blue non-woven sheet
Leave mask for 10-15mins
Discard the mask after use and ta-dah! 
Your skin are soothe and hydrate ♥
Great ideal for all skin types =)

Purchase your emergency masks now at !
No hassle given !
Just purchase online and it will deliver in less than a week time !

Thank you Secretive for sending me such amazing masks ! 

*Stay tune for the next post ^.^ 
Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend and stay happy !