Thursday, May 08, 2014

♥ AVOne ambassador X AVOne Headphone Bar Grand Opening Event @The Adelphi ♥

I'm glad to be AVOne  ambassador  ♥
Thank you for those who came down to look for me on the event day ! 
I've uploaded the pictures on my Facebook page , do grab your pictures over there
Appreciated for your kind support ~!
Everybody from AVOne was so friendly, super nice and helpful
Scroll down for more pictures taken during the event !

Balloons and flowers for AVOne Grand Opening

Some cakes and pastries from the Spinelli 
They were pretty yummy~! 

My pout lip Vs Balloons Flowers

Before start work let me take a #selfie 

AVOne goodie bag to be given away during the event

The audio room whereby all the high-end stuffs were placed

This thing look amazing although I've no idea what's it =X

Headphones ♥

While everybody was busy, i help myself by snapping around =)

Just in time when I've the time to snap the crowded AVOne 
It was very crowded and time passes so fast

While the other girl take her smoke break, i take my seat break =) 
P.S: I don't smoke

Check out AvOne Facebook at


Giving out AVOne flyers and #takeaselfie

Spotted this cute little girl at the event, she can do baby selfie ! #babyselfie

See how hard working I am 
Multi-tasking in progress

One of the high-end headphones
Pardon me for not knowing all the products description and model, if you're interested do contact AVOne 
They will guide you with their genuine knowledge and serve you with their most friendly gesture

Nothing much, just selfies 

Me posing with one of the high-end headphones

Am trying to SELFIE with the AVOne logo on the top right

Headphones Selfie Time ~!

Lastly, Thank you very much who came down for the opening !
Appreciated much~! 

Next post coming up :
Yoogane Korean Restaurant !