Monday, April 21, 2014

♥ Refresh Laser Clinic @BEDOK MALL ♥

Hi guys, some of you might be aware that I had just recovered from chicken pox recently.  Some of the leftover scars, both on my face and on my arms, have been bothering me since.   After much thought and advice from my pal, Ben, I’ve decided to go for laser treatments at the Refresh Laser Clinic.  

If you are keen to improve your skin condition such as acne issues, chicken pox scars, pigmentation etc, this could perhaps be a convenient yet affordable solution for you!  Why? Read on for my experience with  Refresh Laser Clinic…..

Located in the heart of Bedok Mall (yeah… food and shopping!), which is right next to the MRT station, the clinic offers medical-grade lasers that are non-invasive yet yielding effective results.  The clinic is managed by qualified doctors and friendly, service-oriented staff.
According to the doctors at Refresh Laser Clinic, treatments are tailored based on individual skin condition.  I was also happy to learn that there is no down-time involved.

The laser journey begins…. Goodbye chickie scars!!

Finally, IPL to lighten the scars….

For those who may be keen on undergoing similar treatments, laser treatment is a form of focused laser that provides healing light energy to re-texturize our skin.  The wavelength of the light produced causes our skin impurities to vaporize, therefore ridding any unwanted dirt, bacteria or dead skin cells.  In addition, pulsed light directed on the skin surfaces breaks down our pigment-producing melanin, therefore giving us the glow that we all desire.
After my first treatment, there were considerable results.  The experience is comfortable, my skin feels smoother and tighter.  The scars have lightened about 30%.   
If you want to personally try out the effectiveness of the laser, has a tie-up with Refresh Laser Clinic to offer member pricing to my readers.  You can enjoy a one-week unlimited pass at Refresh Laser Clinic for their REVLITE LASER TREATMENT @ $88.  Just contact and quote “Naomi @ Refresh” to register your interest.

Hehe… here’s a first-hand preview of my REFRESH experience:

I'm looking forward to my next treatment.  Hope to get the same effective results!  Will post my reviews then…