Tuesday, March 18, 2014

♥ Milly's Chloe creation Nails X Somekindofwonderfulx *Chanel boy casing ♥

Driving on my way to MILLY ! My favourite and must visit place for nails

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Fasten seat belt at all times

Loving my sunnies that I've been using it for years

Chloe always never fail me to do whatever i want.
This time round i want my own nail length and colourful with different combinations of drawing ! 
Fyi, this is my real own nails ! Amazing right?? After alot of extensions plus my nails are super weak, to my surprise it can grow this long. Actually they were longer, due to my itchy hand. I pluck them out, still this is the best ! Thanks to chloe who never fail to put nail strengthener for me. *If u follow my blog for these years, you will know I've been doing extensions for years. And this is the longest real nails i had for all these years.

Chloe not only good at designs, patience in her work and very creative. She also take care of my nails and their nails last me some time. My nails doesn't break easily now. =DD

Next chloe did a matching nail art for me on my toes ! 
How cute they are?! 

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I'm very happy to be with MILLY, they are very nice people that not only deliver results they care for your needs as well. Whenever i visit MILLY i felt like homed. So far the best place I've been visited throughout these years ! Thank you MILLY for having me !  ♥

I'm sure my pictures can tell u how comfortable i'm. Taking lots of selfie like own home

Only at MILLY !!
CALL 67376723
Please book an appointment cause CHLOE is busy
CHLOE available at Far East Plaza

Do follow their facebook for latest updates ! 

CALL 67376723
Please book an appointment cause CHLOE is busy
CHLOE available at Far East Plaza

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 ♥ Somekindofwonderfulx *Chanel boy casing ♥

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Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx

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