Thursday, March 27, 2014

♥ IDS Clinic X Unicorn from Dejaricious Realm ♥

I was invited to IDS Clinic opening !
Yup, wondering why I'm here? I'm not with Drx Clinic anymore, and I'm here to show DR S.K Tan my support towards him and not forgetting chester. So please stop asking me about my laser treatment with Drx, after using drx products my skin doesn't show any improvement. I think it's time for my skin to have much better skincare products. Since Drx products doesn't work on me anymore, especially lately the weather so bad. Plus i just recovered from my recent chicken pox. I had bad skin now, can't wait to use IDS newly improve products.

IDS Clinic 
SINGAPORE 307470   T: +65 6568 3555   F: +65 6568 3553

IDS Clinic is by DR S.K TAN. Who is DR S.K TAN?
DR S.K TAN is a grandfather of medical skin doctor. He's the one that save my skin condition when i were having my first breakouts. I knew him at Drx clinic, I'm sure most of you are familiar with him. Thank god that i manage to see him at IDS Clinic. 

Food food food !

Very nice packaging 

I invited Ben with me for the event and he enjoyed himself with the skin knowledge by DR S.K TAN

DR S.K TAN and me 

Our dear friend chester tour us around IDS Clinic

IDS Clinic work like a family, they want all of us to have beautiful skin and achieve what we wanted.

Ben, me and Eric
Eric is always good at photo taking and he look good all the time !

More and more photos of us

During the event was given each one of us a goodie bag of IDS Clinic amazing products !! 

C+plus is really good ! So much better than Max C, it doesn't contain any smell, 100% oil free ! After using 2 weeks, can tell my skin glow and brighten. 
S2 Sunscreen works amazing ! This is not an ordinary sunscreen!! Not only it help to block all the UVS, it contain VITAMIN C! IT's what i always wanted. Living in such a humid weather u need lots of vitamin C to prevent pigmentation. 
Thank you IDS Clinic for having me ! 
Do quote //NAOMI// to enjoy free consultation by DR S.K Tan !

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Which girls don't love pony/unicorn?! 

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