Friday, February 21, 2014

♥ Tokyo Luxey event at Platypus ♥

Hi ladies ! 
I'm gonna introduce a whole new makeup, skincare, beauty and health All in one Japanese products website for you girls! This is the one and only in Singapore right now. Totally amazed after attending and learnt more about this event. 
Thank you tokyoluxey for having me for this event and feature me on your website ♥

Was invited by tokyoluxey to Platypus kitchen for dinner.

The above is a screenshot of  tokyoluxey lovely website
You have everything you need from Japan only at tokyoluxey 
And even some products from Japan that not available in store !
Pretty awesome isn't it?!

Here come our foodie ! 
Mushroom soup

Seafood pasta

Meatballs pasta

Dessert is ♥

They served nice desserts 

During the talk over dinner with other bloggers 

This is Super amazing! Simply wear it over your neck or put it close to you and it can moisturize your body ! Not only moisturize your face. So pretty in blinged hot pink colour

Such an amazing product must snap ! 
Grab yours at 

Us with the japanese ladies at the event =)

Thank you TOKYO LUXEY for having me at this event.

Lookout for next post about the amazing products given by tokyoluxey
 ♥  ♥  ♥