Sunday, December 29, 2013

♥ Somekindofwonderfulx X Yacht event ♥

♥ Somekindofwonderfulx ♥
Loving my Princess off shoulder mesh dress by an
 Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx

A very friendly and helpful Instagram shop owner ♥

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Not only it look nice, it's very comfortable as well =DD
This piece is only SGD24 ~!!

Corset dress ♥
Every girl desire a nice corset top or dress!
I found this Corset dress is so comfy and show out my curve with a touch of feminine add on to it
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Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx


This piece is only SGD23 ~!!

This is totally perfect for a date, movie, shopping !

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Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
Instagram shop @Somekindofwonderfulx
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♥ Yacht event ♥
Was invited by asherbws for this Yacht event
Thank you vania for your invitation


With the pretty girls !

Going on board


With my favourite girl

Want some Moscato?
I love this sweet wine

Was feeling very dizzy on board, Oh my ! I had seasick so badly

Champagnes are not for me =X
While everybody is having crazy times on the yacht, I'm busy cam-whoring and experience sea-sick 0.o"

Nah~! Not my cup of drink. Just using it to take photo

Happy birthday vania! Stay pretty forever ♥

Beautiful Reiee and I

Both of us not into the craziness happening on the yacht

We were starving. I drove my beautiful gfs to tanjong pagar and have our favourite KOREAN BBQ


We were having so much fun together chatting and beef-ing

So far this is the best KOREAN BBQ at Tanjong pagar.

My dear girl wants to eat LIVE OCTOPUS !!
*I miss u girls so much XOXO ♥