Sunday, December 01, 2013

♥ Majolica Majorca X Ma Cherie ♥


I was invited to majolica majorca for their Winter collection
Can't wait to see their latest collection !
And it's their 10th Anniversary ! Looking forward to try their products

Shiseido Beauty studio

Beautiful décor along the pathway to the studio
Awaiting for the remaining guests to arrive

Let's do some selfie before it start

#selfie #selca
They provide some finger food for us too, so sweet of them ♥

Winter collection and some matching décor

Majolica Majorca Mascara, It's in dark shimmer blue !
Special isn't it

The little humming book

Ma Cherie winter floral hair fragrance *very nice scent


Before leaving the beauty studio, was given a goodie bag of their limited edition Mascara, Pure apple rouge and Ma Cherie floral hair spray


This rouge is a combination of lipstick and lip gloss. Perfectly moisture my lip

The colour is pretty nice too ! It plump up my lip and give a great colour and glossy look

Retail selling at sgd17.50
Majolica Majorca Mascara is a limited edition coloured lash expander !
Wow~ Longer eyelashes with unique colour
There's some shimmer in it as well that give your eyes a sparkle look especially in the dark. Perfect for xmas! Long curling effect
A very special colour with shimmer on it and it give natural lengthening effect 

Retail selling at sgd25.90

Ma Cherie winter floral hair fragrance brings you into the snow world with Aurora by launching a limited edition winter floral hair fragrance. This winter floral scent will no doubt add pureness to your festive season. Not only does it prevent odour and eliminate food and tobacco smell. It also hydrate and protect your hair cuticles with its unique champagne honey gelee.

I can eat Korean BBQ at ease !
I can stand beside people who smoke without hesitate
Retail selling at sgd16.90

Now my hair is perfectly protected by this limited edition hair fragrance

Champagne protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress

Honey naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair

Hydroxyethyl Urea repairs cuticle hole and cortex

Inositol vitamin B that helps to soften hair

Yeahness ~!
To this awesome hair fragrance that can protect and moisture my hair well !

Thank you majolica Majorca for the sweet invite to this event

All these winter limited edition products are sold at selected Watson Stores only.
For more information regarding the winter limited edition do visit majolica Majorca 
You may follow up their latest products at their facebook page at majolicamajorcasingapore
Ladies, be beautiful with Majolica Majorca ♥
Next post will be The King Louis Xmas home delivery bundle !
Stay tune XOXO ♥