Monday, December 16, 2013

♥ K Palette X Milly (Galaxy nails!) ♥

 Receive this beautiful Japanese package right at my doorstep from kpalettesingapore.
It warm my heart by this lovely Japanese package. So sweet of kpalettesingapore
This is the second time I received makeup products from them, nice people I could say.
Thank you very much ♥
 Surprise surprise !!
Look what I've received, it's Real Lasting TEARS TANK~!!
Major love, have been wanting to try the popular trendy "AEGYO SAL"
 Pardon me without eyeliner, trying to do innocent look with this GLAMOROUS PINK

 It's easy to apply it on
 For bigger, younger and friendlier looking eyes !
Surprisingly my eyes look big even without the help of eyeliner

 How to apply?
Slide on the essence unereye then after the powder brush

 Simply few seconds and I have teary looking and big eyes !


 Some basic knowledge of TEARS TANK
3 key beauty essences that helps to deeply moisturize dry skin and prevent aging, users are able to achieve dewy and more youthful looking tears tank.

 Hyaluronic acid and Collagen: Keeps skin enriched and moisturized
Polyglutamic acid: with moisture holding ability of 9 times more than Hyaluronic acid
Sophora flavescens: Prevents skin from aging
 I removed my eye makeup for the next TEARS TANK

 ZERO EYEMAKEUP only mascara on

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Kpalette cosmetics ♥
I'm sure u girls are waiting for this !
Every girls love makeup ♥


  For that appealing shine on the under eyelids that gives the appearance of smiley eyes and irresistible innocent, the other side of the product holds a pot of finely grained pearl powder that creates a natural finish.

 NOW you can purchase REAL LASTING TEARS TANK at all Watson stores in Singapore !

 Ladies, try out AEGYO SAL makeup look!



 Be beautiful ♥



Draw eyeliner to create bigger eyes 


 Closer look of AEGYO SAL look

 ♥ Milly Nails(Galaxy nails!) ♥

 Had an enjoyable session with Chloe !
She's a very friendly and thoughtful sweet lady.
Remember to make an appointment with Chloe at 67376723
Chloe will station at Far East Plaza

Chloe never fail me with all my many different requests ! Agri and I agreed that Chloe is very creative and excellent in drawing !
Thank you Millys for having me

I cannot resist these galaxy nails, everynight before bedtime I kept looking at my nails.
I'm sure for those girls who love their nails did the same thing as me !

Do make an appointment with Chloe at 67376723
Chloe will station at Far East Plaza
Enjoy your day to the fullest with Chloe at Milly
 Millys has the most reasonable price in town !
Please make appointment early for Christmas. Chloe is always full of booking and I already booked my appointment for my Christmas nails ♥
Stay tune for next post ♥ ♥ ♥