Friday, November 22, 2013

♥ Bali, Beach, Sun, Sea, Love ♥ (DAY 1)

I'm very excited for this Bali trip! It's my first ever virgin trip be it beach or Bali.
Yup, I never been to the beach. Always wanting to go Bali. And yeah ! I'm on cabby looking forward for it !

SQ reversi So easy! A complete win game! As easy As ABC! Their pork is very bad. Chicken is better!

Touch down Denpasar Airport and awaiting for my luggage

Check in to Seminyak private villa ocean view



A very beautiful place, it's better than Singapore Capella

OMG ! Breath taking view right from the room!


So beautiful ain't it?


Lay down all night with a bottle of bintang
This is the life everybody yearn for

Balinese style ♥


Welcome you with fresh apples

My favourite area, the dressing table

Bathtub for 2


I love big washroom, wake up everyday, brush teeth with your love one together.
How sweet ♥


♥ I did this


Pose with it ♥


#selfie #selca


The streets of Bali


I believe in unicorn x How about you? x

Shop for some groceries, half way thru I do some selfie ! HAHA

Pardon me, my makeup already fade off

Dine at Bistro Batu Kali
The food not nice at all, I can find better ones in Singapore.
Needless to say, cause it was opened by ang mo. How can ang mo cook nice authentic Indonesian food?

Beef rendung

BBQ squid

Soto ayam

Just crackers with rice

Gado gado

Kitty pointing middle finger at you!

Night street in seminyak

Club sandwich and fried chicken noodle for my supper !
Day 1 ended cause were walking around to explore seminyak, beware of those motorcyclists.
They ride like nobody business and keep horning as they like. Beside that, Bali Seminyak is a peaceful and relax place to stay. Seminyak is safer compared to the other side.
Tomorrow will continue DAY 2, it will have tons of photos. I separate into 3 posts cause too many pictures in total. Decided to put 3 day posts.
Stay tune for DAY 2 and 3 posts !
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