Saturday, November 23, 2013

♥ Bali, Beach, Sun, Sea, Love ♥ (DAY 2)

 Yeah! It's my day 2 in Bali, Seminyak !
It's time to meet the Sun, Beach and Sea !
Excited max~~

 MY Day 2 Outfit of the day !
#bikinioftheday #ootd

 Feel the serenity

 Oh you beautiful sea ♥

 Totally worth it to be here




 #selfie #selca to kick off the day

 Tr15 never fail me Favourite shot of the day ♥




 My pink outfit to match with my hair

 Look like photoshoot ♥

 Way too hot and just bun up my hair

 More more Selfie =)


 After strolling at the beach, due to weather too hot. Walk back to villa and swim in the pool and drank some Bintang beer!


 This is the Bintang beer !

 Bintang beer taste better than Tiger beer =Xx




 I'm blessed to be in Bali !

 Yes, i'll be back again ! =D


 It's time to head out to chill with some drinks and watch the beautiful sunset

Selfie again

 I went to Bali KUDETA, the authentic KUDETA #kudeta
This place is much better compared to the Singapore KUDETA

 Favourite beer in Bali


  ♥ Happy Naomi Happy me ♥

 Pizza pizza ! Thin crust pizza so yummy~

 oh my~ Such a beautiful scenery , everything so perfect be it sky sea beach..

 All the peoples are happily playing and swimming with such a beautiful scenery

 This that a plane?! HAHA

 Pardon my face, makeup already fade off




 The sun gonna set , the star gonna meet me




 wake boarding


 lovely breeze



  ♥ I could die for this beautiful view with my love one

 Enjoy the beautiful view












 So romantic ain't it?


 Inside of KUDETA

 I called it the lantern tree KUDETA

 KUDETA is a must go in Bali Seminyak, nice music by their DJ and beautiful sunset, lovely sea, they have the best security in town

 Went back to change for dinner at Sardine Restaurant

  ♥ Read some reviews on the internet about this Sardine Restaurant, was read a must try for fusion Indonesian food. Their food are very fresh. Is time for seafood and beef feast!

 This is a complimentary dish given from the chef
It taste kinda special and unique ♥

 Bloody mary margarita for me ♥

 Beef ~!! ♥

 My all time favourite SQUID ♥

 Foie gras ♥

  A very nicely cooked fish ♥

 Lobster ♥ ♥
The best of all dishes !

 Btw, I finished all the chilli that they served me and I asked for more =D
I'm a chilli padi

 Fishes swimming happily


 Alive lobster, Sorry I think I ate your friend ! HAHAA


 After dinner, head down to POTATO HEAD #potatohead #club #beachclub
Strongly recommended by friends

 A very unique beach club that hold high security as well. Their buildings are filled up with windows!!

 I like this view in the beach club

 Pardon my Tr15, it was bad in the night mode

Kawaii poster 

 I'm drunk after several of shots and vodka

 but still trying to selfie ! hehe..

 How I wish I'm sleeping beauty ♥


 The ceiling that I took before I doze off Zzz...
I'm glad to be on this Bali trip, it's a way new experience for me. For a person like me who detest the Sun, somehow I fall in love once I'm here in Bali. How could I miss out such a lovely gorgeous place.
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