Tuesday, October 22, 2013

♥ NAPURA (HairProfile) ♥

Hi pretties and guys, wanna know my secret of having beautiful, shiny, soft, bouncy coloured hair maintain in well shaped ? All thanks to HairProfile for introducing napura.italy 
The most awesome Shampoo and Conditioner I came across in my entire life ! I had tried a lot brands, but nothing beat napura.italy ! After Shampooing, I feel my hair is very well cleanse. It was actually like deep cleansing! Not forgetting the Conditioner Mask, the best Hair Conditioner I used so far! It was even so many million times better than other Hair mask, it work like hair treatment.
I'm lucky to have my hair pamper with "hair treatment" everyday.
As you guys can tell from my Instagram that I've been dye-ing my hair every week and bleached from intense red to current colour like 5 times. Even my friends commented that my hair still look, touch, feel in really good shaped. I've been doing napura.italy hair treatment at HairProfileSalon and using napura.italy S10Colour Shampoo and C10Conditioner Mask.

Readers, great news for you guys !
napura.italy is giving away 18 sets of S10 colour shampoo and C10 colour conditioner mask !
Want to grab hold of this sample set?
Simple drop me a message on my Naomi.Liu.FanPage and tell me you want to try NAPURA Shampoo and Conditioner Mask !
Collection will be made at HairProfileSalon 
After trying, do me a flavour by hashtag on your instagram or facebook. Best if you could share your experience!
Instagram : Naomilovebunny
Napura Instagram : Napura
Please hashtag #napura and add Napura !\
And me as well =)
I'll select the 18 lucky winners !
Hair care brand with premium products for scalp and hair treatment. Among production find beauty skin care products and colouring nuances based in oil. Main brands: Treat system method, nxt, inoilnuances natural colouring, body space and sun system.
NAPURA hair and body care
More Napura products information at www.napura.com
Napura is origin from Italy
P.s: Napura is totally worth for you to try it out. It was the best I tried, I tried many brands. But I couldn't state the brands over here. One wash you can feel, touch the difference! Napura work like magic !!

Good luck ~

Even in the club, my hair colour stand out and look great !

Many friends often ask me " why your hair dye and bleached so many times but still smooth?"
The answer is I using Napura hair products.
Whereby only few salon carry Napura only ! I'm so lucky to be special !
You guys should know that many salons using same brands which are keratase, redken. Actually these are from loreal. Not another country nor another brand.
I strongly recommended Napura as I tried many other brands. Those who touch and feel my hair before will understand =)

Some Introduction of Napura
NAPURA is an Italian company established in 2001. The company is experienced in manufacturing and distribution of professional treatments for Hairdressers and Beauty salons. We introduce novelties caring about the latest achievements in the beauty field. The meaning of NAPURA is “natural and pure”. The offer includes complete range of products for treating specific problems of hair, scalp and skin. The company’s core businesses are intensive treatments based on essential oils. NAPURA is fully integrated, with control of all operations aspects, from processing and manufacturing to distribution. We do not have contractors apart for a few items. The distinctive features are: Fashion, Style, Creativity, Originality and Naturally. The objective of the company is: to increase diffusion worldwide.
Napura is different for the premium quality, effectiveness and services offered.

Why to choose NAPURA?
Napura is a very flexible, dynamic, young company founded in 2001 with a fresh and modern image added to a very elegant and essential packaging. It is well appreciated by Hairdressers as it offers functional products that contain natural ingredients in high concentrations. The company generates innovation in the professional field and therefore it stands out as a point of reference for other small expanding businesses. NAPURA is the brand chosen by Salons that want to be different and offer to their clients completely natural products with a modern and technological packaging. NAPURA cares about integrity of the ingredients and raw materials, the company studied ampoules and bottles in cobalt blue, for a better protection of essential oils.
Napura is one of the most young companies at niche level in the professional hair care stage on Italian and international level.

The World of NAPURA is?
The world of NAPURA is around these key words:
• exclusive hair care at niche level;
• professional treatments;
• natural treatments;
• essential oils;
• match of simplicity and elegance;
• functionality;
• methodical care
• match of natural with elegance.

What inspired us?

Was it necessary another brand on the market?....right in 2001 when we started our business, as a more than 20 years experienced people in the field of manufacturing, selling and training at professional level in cosmetics, we noticed a need of change.
There was lack of a brand based on a methodical hair care, from that moment at first we developed:
Hope I did help you guys for a better hair day !
Enjoy beautiful hair and you deserve it ~XOXO