Friday, September 06, 2013

♥ Milly's ♥ Post 4

Hi lovelies, It's time for nail session with Chloe at Millys !
This time I still want colourful nails, Chloe thought of this set of design for me.
Wanted to do the polka dot animals design but my nails are too short.
Below picture is the most popular design in Millys 
Which is the design I'm talking about the polka dot animals
Done by my favourite creative Chloe ! They're so adorable !
Ladies, if you have any design in mind. You may look for Chloe and ask her to fulfil your desire nail art !
I really enjoyed my nail session with Chloe. She's a very patience and creative person.
Nail design by Chloe taken with my Miss Bunny ♥

Perhaps next time, Chloe draw Miss Bunny for me !

Pictures of my colourful toes design

Yup, they're indeed my real nails.

Happy times with Millys

Had an enjoyable session with Chloe !
She's a very friendly and thoughtful sweet lady.
Remember to make an appointment with Chloe at 67376723
Chloe will station at Far East Plaza
Enjoy your day to the fullest with Chloe at Millys


Loving it~♥

Wish you girls enjoy your nail session with Chloe at Millys
Have a great weekends !
Till then~XOXO ♥♥♥