Monday, September 02, 2013

♥ DRX CO2 fractional laser treatment Part 2 ♥ Post 5

Yay~! I'm driving to DRX for my second CO2 Fractional laser treatment !
Each time I make my trip down to DRX, I always feel excited and happy cause I knew that after each visit I'll have beautiful flawless skin. After 4months of my first CO2 Fractional laser treatment, this time I'm back again for the 2nd treatment to maintain the glow, smooth, pore-less skin!
The best Treatment ever!

As usual, on numbing cream for an hour.

Waiting anxiously

Some of the doctors room.
After consulting by Dr Angela, I was shifted to a room to cleanse my face and seated to the waiting area for my numbing cream to settle.

 Dr Angela was telling me what's the frequency level she will be doing for my certain part of my face. Cause I've small bit of scar on my right cheek. Many people told me that my skin so nice, why do laser? I want perfection on my skin. I want totally nothing on my skin, I seek for flawless, pore-less, perfection ! =)

 Dr Angela very patiently explaining to me about the treatment, although this is my second time doing CO2, she's still very patience and nice to explain the whole process in detailed. I'm rest assure of giving my trust of my precious face to Dr Angela =D

 I like her professionalism and patience.
At this point of time she's stretching my scar area for higher frequency level. So that it's balance for the rest of my face.

Loving the cold air that make me doze off while Dr Angela was doing the whole process treatment for me.
A short video of the CO2 treatment going on, Don't be afraid of the sound ! It's not scary as it sound.
Totally painless during the process
 She's so sweet to laser my WHOLE ENTIRE FACE ! Even my chin below!

 DRX CO2 fractional laser treatment is done finished by my favourite Dr Angela !
And I've lobster face now, but I'm gonna have flawless, pore-less, shiny skin soon !
 While waiting for my DRX Products, I snap alittle..

 Right after CO2 laser

 I've some post acne marks

 I know it look disgusting but I'll have beautiful skin after days

 To my surprised, this time my recovery very fast. It took me 3days and it started to scab.

 I did sharpen the photos to let you guys have clearer picture of it

 This is day 3

 The next day, which is day 4

 My recovery was super ultra fast !

 Day 4
I feel my face tighten, sharper without the help of botox !

 Day 4
Please take note that all pictures are non-edit/ non-filter/ no-makeup.
Totally nothing, just from my digital camera.
Sorry if I scared you all ;P
I don't care cause this is the journey for beautiful and flawless skin !!
I'm damn excited for the result, and imagine myself without makeup and look great !
Alright, here it goes...

 Day 4
The previous time I did, I rated 2/10 for the pain, this time round I don't even feel a tiny bit of pain
 Apply generous amount of sunscreen even when I'm home. Trust me, this is totally worth it !

 Day 4
 Actually I went out for dinner nearby my house area, cause my face look fine.

 Clearer picture of the skin texture

 It already started to scab


 My acne marks are gone for good

 Please do not rub !! Not advisable

 Day 5

 It took me only 5 days for the recovery and scabbing !
I'm impressed ! Cause the first time I did, it took me 7days for everything for the recovery and scabbing.

 Recovery fast means good thing ! Cause my skin already used to DRX products. They such excellent products, i'm using DRX Milk Cleanser, Cleanser, Toner, CF, Max-C, Vit-A and sunscreen !
Great news! DRX Tinted sunscreen are back in store ! Highly rated for the best Skincare products !

 Loving my skin now !

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 I'm glad to share my genuine and second laser treatment with you guys ♥
 Once again, I would like to say
Thank you Dr Angela for everything !!
 Don't let skin problems bring down your confidence!
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You deserve beautiful skin too ! 

 The remaining scabbing left on the cotton wool when u use DRX Toner.
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