Wednesday, August 07, 2013

♥ The King Louis Grill & Bar ♥

The King Louis Grill & Bar:
1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A, S098585 (Beside Daiso)
The King Louis Grill & Bar, we are the first thematic restaurant in Singapore featuring Medieval Cuisine.

You will be greeted by our Armored Knights with iron swords as you enter the castle.
Inside the castle you shall be given the same treatment as King Louis himself.
Served on a layer of grilled royal potatoes together with Caramel Sauce mixed with Gold Cinnamon flakes. Place above are the a mix choice of Fresh Shrimps, Fish, Mussels, Scallops, Grilled royal Chicken, Lamb and steaks. Accompanied by Signature Castle Salad handpicked by our kitchen servants served with home-made sauce.

First time dining at thekinglouis 
Ordered their famous dishes

Love the view that is facing Singapore Sentosa, evening time would be great !
I was told that can see fireworks at this view during the weekends from RWS.
Wow! fireworks ~

thekinglouis Menu !

Awaiting patiently for the food. To my surprise, they served the food pretty fast!

I request small potion of the soups
♥ Pumpkin Soup - $7.90 ♥
It's my first time trying Pumpkin soup, and it taste really good !
♥ Signature Mushroom Soup - $8.90 ♥
My all time favourite Mushroom soup, they're real mushrooms that mashed into tiny bits to a soup. Unlike others that were canned made. Have a taste of real mushrooms !
My first try on Pumpkin soup !

Queen Victoria consist of Meat and Seafood

Check out their new branch queens located at Sentosa Boardwalk.
Such a romantic place to dine with your date ♥
♥Banana Bacon Bite - $10.50♥
Very nice Banana with bacon around it, for the banana it reminds me of goreng pisang. But this taste much better cause it' not oily compared to goreng pisang.
It's a MUST TRY !

♥Teriyaki Chicken Salad  - $13.80♥
The nicest salad I tried so far ! And it was my first time finishing it. Made of fresh garden salad, grilled chicken breast meat topped with teriyaki sauce and parmesan cheese. Mad love the sauce, warm teriyaki chicken with cold salad. Unique dish of salad.
It's a MUST TRY !

♥The Queen Victoria 2-3pax (Meat & Seafood)  - $108.50♥
(Roasted beef with black pepper sauce, Premium BBQ baby back ribs, Pan Seared snapper with wasabi mayo sauce, Oven Baked King Prawns with melted Australian cheese, Sauteed scallop with garlic & wine sauce)

The Premium BBQ baby back ribs taste awesome !
Scallops and prawns. They taste so good !
We girls kept munching non stop

Feel like a Queen!

Actually, we already ate 2 scallops ! Haha..

Happy two girls dining at thekinglouis

My favourite Banana Bacon ♥
After finishing the foods, we were served with tea! My favourite ♥

I'm a happy girl with many of my favourite food at one go!

Thank you thekinglouis for the awesome foods ♥

The knights that protect you whereby you can peacefully have your meal

Lounge bar

Love the wall painting

Happy me ♥


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I'm enjoying my tea time

I had two pot of tea *grin*




My knight for the day

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Liveband area
thekinglouis awarded the best family restaurant 2012
Nice theme indeed

Poker cards? Nope, they're namecards !

Cam-whoring time !
Beware~ Massive of same person photos !













My hair so nice. Okay, i'm random



The King Louis Grill & Bar:
1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A, S098585 (Beside Daiso)


King Louis is a great place with great ambience, awesome music, delicious food. Is an idea for family, couple, friends. They served alcoholic drinks as well, it was great listen to live band and chill.. Best theme restaurant indeed. In any occasions can be dine in at thekinglouis
Thank you for the chance getting to know such a great place


Me playing around with the teapot




Enough of teapot, what's next? My hair




Unique mask




The entrance of King Louis

Castle theme restaurant !

King Louis fame

Wow! It look so nice

Check out their lunch time special menu

Buy 2 get 1 FREE !
Happy me starting to cam-whoring non stop



My #oot #potd




The King Louis Grill & Bar
is located at
1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A, S098585 (Beside Daiso)
Call 6276 0862 to make reservation
We are open daily!
Friday-Saturday & Eve of PH: 12:00PM-11:00PM
Friday-Saturday & Eve of PH:
Enjoy your day with your loved ones at thekinglouis ~!
Till then~
Halloween is around the corner, it's great to dine in a theme restaurant !