Tuesday, July 09, 2013

♥ Taiwan trip ♥

At the Singapore Changi Airport, heading to Taiwan ! Yayness!!

Pardon me without makeup =XX

Our first travel together
and it's her virgin trip to Taiwan =)

Shopped around while waiting for our flight.
These are what I bought, and they are pretty good !!
I love the sparkle eyeshadow and brown colour eye liner very much
Btw, nowadays I change my makeup. I put brown eyeliner and brown eyelashes.
I love natural look makeup

We went to XiMenDing for our hair session and shopping !

Teddy and me waiting at the hair salon


Saturday night we meet up with Taiwanese friends and they brought us to different clubs like Muse, Spark, Asia bar and a place that I forgotten the name.
I still prefer Singapore clubs, maybe I miss my Singapore clubbing kakis! =D


The Dj and dancefloor




♥ Yours truly ♥

Next day went to nearest hair salon for hair wash.


At ShiLin Market, I love their Taiwan street food !
All very awesome
One of my favourite !
Zha Xian Nai
means Fried milk
It taste crispy outside and very tenderly soft inside !

This is a must try ~!

Supper ~! Not forgetting their famous beef steak
Very cheap and is yummy !
Although standard drop compared years ago

Dresses for my baby cotton!
During the days in Taiwan , I miss my baby cotton very much !
Chrome hearts in Taipei !




Let's take photo with Chrome hearts logo


Inside the fitting room they are so many pictures of celebrities, famous people.


Us in the fitting room
My #armcandy #armswag

Roadtrip to PuLi, JiuFen, ShiFen.
Weather too hot, we stop by a place and have ice-cream !

Here we're Jiu Fen old street

A very old famous street in Taiwan

Special drinks on special baby bottles

JiuFen famous for their Fishball soup

Famous old street

Famous snacks

A huge dumplings

Huge escargots

Cute aunty selling different kinds of sausages

Handmade pouches ad wallets

A very long street

Seashells light

Real seashells selling

Another fishball soup stall

Lucky owls


And more owls

We went to this Fishball soup to try and it was good

Breath taking view

Old houses at JiuFen

Another shot of breath taking view !




The famous JiuFen Fishball soup

The stall that sell yummy bak gua


We bought 2 cartons and the person bbq on the spot, we waited until shop closed.. lol

our carton of bak gua

An old restaurant

We reach ShiFen, ShiFen just for Tian Deng.


I always visit Ah Ma Tian Deng

Lots of different Tian Deng ideal for gifts


Colourful ! ♥

One of my favourite Japanese restaurant in XiMenDing

Corn soup

Strawberry and peach tea

Photo-taking before food come


Hungry !!


My order for the day !



Modern  Toilet Restaurant

Special interior


Special basin


I order curry chicken rice






Actually the food is not that fantastic. Just for fun

I love my braids !!




The set come with a drink and ice-cream







us having fun with shit ! haha..


Enough of shit

Their seats for customers

wall decor


Bath tub table

Welcome to Modern Toilet Restaurant

My awesomeness nails done by my Taiwan friend. She's super damn good !
She did the latest Japan design for me  and I super love it ! ♥
I super love my nails !






I'm blogging at 6am, too tired for words.
Hope my pictures help
Till then~