Friday, July 05, 2013

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥ Post 5

Yippe~! I'm on my way for Oxbow rabbit show 2013!
Mad excited ! My first time to rabbit show !!
Cotton, mommy gonna find new friends for you =P

It's located at MBS Marina Bay Sands.
Let's goooo~

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥
Welcome to RHQ ! ♥
A place with award winning bunnies !!
There are Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex.

Check out their RHQ FB
Trophies all by RHQ!
I'm so proud of them, they are the first rabbit breeder in Singapore !
Definitely have the best bunnies around !!

One of the trophy belongs to Cotton's parent =D
Maybe I should sign up for cotton next year rabbit show


Some introduction about 4 different breeds of rabbit that are available in RHQ !
My favourite still Holland lop ♥
Can't resist the fluffy flip flop ears !! Way too CUTE

Trophy ♥


Hall of Fame by RHQ

The new cage cooling fan

some rabbit grooming accessories

Me posing with fake rabbit


The world largest rabbit !
RHQ import this enormous rabbit for this show

The lazy big fat rabbit !

Somehow he's pretty popular

I open the cage and start snapping !

It's damn huge! Maybe a size of a 5yrs old kid !

I still prefer my baby cotton  ♥
Me and a helpful little girl at the booth

Oxbow rabbit show 2013

Here's whereby participants present their rabbit for the contest

The judge Allen

Checking out the participant's rabbit

Exchanging pointers from each other

One of the Holland lop during the contest

Netherland dwarf

Allen serious at judging


Miffy, the Himalayan Dwarf

Congrats RHQ~!!
It was a success for this rabbit show !
Thank you for those who show up and support

Oxbow National Rabbit Show 2013 !

Full range of Oxbow foods

Thank you RHQ for having me here
I learn more about rabbit
One stop service for rabbit, grooming by a rabbit specialist, boarding, crematory and even photography services. Located at 16 pasir ris farmway 2 (under ericsson pet farm). Open from weekends 11am - 6.30pm. 84814200
Head down to choose your choice of rabbits today !
Till next Cotton's Lodging !