Sunday, July 14, 2013

♥ Milly's ♥ Post3 * Neon Nails !!

Hello ladies !
I'm back from MILLY with NEON Nails !
Which really glow in e dark!! Super awesome

I hearts Milly's Nails ♥

Today's #ootd #potd
A short video of my beautiful nails
Enjoy !

I totally love my nails, it has everything I wanted. There are glow in e dark bunny, colourful neon colours that glow in e dark everynight ! With my "N" initial as well. They are nicely done by sweet and thoughtful Chloe from MILLY

Her drawings are really good !
Never fail to surprise me

I'min love with my beautiful and handy nails
What's next?

Thoughtful Chloe NEON my toes as well with gelish and crystalized them !
The crystals are damn lasting that it doesn't fall off abit of it

What's great about MILLY ?
They have the most affordable prices among the rest of the places.
Actually in fact the best place and cheapest price in town!
Hurry ladies, make an appointment for the most enjoyable nail session with the great services!

Thank you MILLY and look for Chloe !
Cause Chloe is awesome and creative ♥

Had an enjoyable session with Chloe !
She's a very friendly and thoughtful sweet lady.
Remember to make an appointment with Chloe at 67376723
Chloe will station at Far East Plaza
Enjoy your day to the fullest with Chloe at Milly's
Till then, XOXO~

Haha~ I'm loving my nails and I can't stop snapping