Wednesday, July 31, 2013

♥ Hair Profile ♥ Post 8 PONY HAIR !

Today I'll be changing my Red hair to another colours which nobody done like me !
Cause my red is very intense and it's not easy to change to another shade of colour.
I'm super duper excited for this new changes ! Couldn't really sleep before the day of my trip to HairProfile cause I'm toooo EXCITED ! I always love pony and now I gonna have PONY HAIR !! #ponyhair It's like a dream come true ! Let's pray for my intense red to go off.

They start off with washing my hair followed by a director cut by Mr Kenji HairProfileSalonSG

Love the haircut, I hate those salon who always cut my hair by a lot of inches away when telling me that I cut off alittle. Mr Kenji's haircut was great that it can last me months and it still look in good shape, not too layered/little cause I prefer with volume, with volume and I feel light-weight. Btw, this is after haircut. Love it just nice, not too layered and with volume !

Haha.. 2 sweet ladies doing my hair and Mr Kenji standing behind supervising !

Love this lilac lavender colour. This is to bleach my hair. Look so lovely and sweet but it will spoilt my hair. But it's ok cause my hair still soft and shiny. *wink =)


When two professionals are busy dealing with my intense hair makeover !

I'm the luckiest girl in this world

Awaiting for the bleaching result!

Such a nice lovely colours on my head now

After times of bleaching, I become a gold blonde. LOL

Lucky me that my hair didn't break

I feel that I look fairer with this bleached colour


This is not hair dye colour. It's the professional way of bleached aftermath.
Even bleaching, HairProfileSalonSG still did a great job! Many people commenting that it look nice on me thou. And the best of thing is people think I dye this colour actually it was just bleaching.

Mr kenji was so detailed, careful, care for my hair that he ask me go back rest a day then after that go back do colours ! Yes~ PONY HAIR


And waiting ~
The final bleach for pastel colours

PONY HAIR~ Let's gooo

Pastel Mint

Pastel Purple

Pastel pink


Super duper love my hair !


Can't wait, I must go out and show off my hair ! =X

I love Mr Kenji and Mr Nesley match the based colour with the other colours.
Thank you HairProfileSalonSG so much !






I can't stop #selfie



Great news people ~!
HairProfileSalonSG is having Napura M9 Rikeir treatment at only $80 !
An awesome hair treatment ! Must TRY

I'm back for hair treatment

I'm trying to be funny and snap around

Mr Kenji is busy
A short video of my PONYHAIR and Mr Kenji did a few second styling for me





Napura is a great hair treatment !
Loving the grape scent


50 shades of pastel

Another short video that I did at home, just mad  love my hair too much

This time I'm back to put more intense pink !


Pinky pinky pinkie pie !





Naise pink


14, Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01-91/92 Singapore 228213

Book an appointment at

6838 1811/ 6737 7617

My Stylist : Kenji & Nesley

Book an appointment for your perfect colour and hair cut that suits u best !

Enjoy your day !
Great hair day everyone ♥

Everyone deserves to be better and look great !
XOXO~Till then
Next Hair Profile's post will be Napura giveaway SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER !
I know you guys are excited to try out Napura hair products cause Napura is really awesome ! The best I had in my entire hair products range !

Today I did a event at #mbs #ballroom #WSHawards2013 #MOM


Totally in love with my pony hair !


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