Thursday, July 18, 2013

♥ DRX O2 Treatment ♥ Post 4

I'm back on DRX again after 2 months laser. This time I'm doing maintenance on my face. Pretty excited for the result, as I was told that this O2 Treatment is super amazing ! Best is instant result with zero downtime ! Not recommended for acne prone skin and good news is that it's suitable for even sensitive skin like me! Yay-ness~♥

Register at the counter on level 16th, right after my name was called, was brought to another level for this O2 Treatment. Fyi, DRX is really huge that have few levels in Tong building. I like this view of the clinic whereby DRX products were placed nicely in position and an introduction of how to use their products.

One random part of the waiting area with my bag laying on the sofa chair =)

Ta-dah~ The treatment room! With everything from locker to treatment machines


Eggcited for the O2 treatment !!

Before O2 treatment, let's take some pictures

As you guys can see my face are dull with no radiance


Let's start the treatment NOW!
Before use the serums, will do microdermabrasion first.
Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing system that give a simple, effective, painless peel.
Have to do microdermabrasion before doing O2 treatments so that it can absorb 100% into your skin !

Basically, O2 treatment is directing oxygen to the vital fluids at the surface, promote new cell growth to speed up and aid absorption of the serums used.

The beautician used 3 different kinds of O2 treatments on my face.
Used O2 Rejuvenate, O2 whitening and O2 Hydrating.
O2 Rejuvenate to achieve firming and smoothing effect.
O2 whitening for pigmentation and it brighten and glow the skin.
 O2 Hydrating helps to hydrate the skin and give extra moisture to it.
Now I've all the awesome serums on my face ! I gonna be beautiful~!!

This is the machine that works magically !

After 3 different serums used on my face !

My face brighten instantly !!

Bye-bye to dull skin

Let my photos prove it all cause I'm speechless by the instant result



Haha.. My big nose

Yeah~!! Now my face look like as if I put on foundation/bb cream. Best treatment ever with zero downtime ! Even my eyebag not that bad already. Cause the beautician so nice to apply on my eyebag. Thank you !!

Right after O2 treatments, I checked myself out on the mirror and the first thing I said was " Can I have this machine at home?!" So I can do this every week !
O2 Treatments can be last for a week. Depends on individual and how u take care of your skin and most importantly SUNSCREEN !! DRX has the best SUNSCREEN and always out of stock !

The next day I apply makeup and head out.
Zero downtime as I said.
After O2 treatments, my skin very smooth, radiance, hydrate and it eventually GLOW !! Glow and Sparkle like million of diamonds on my face ! Best thing was my makeup stay the whole day without touch-up and I still look good. Thank you DRX for the O2 treatments ! Recommended for pre-wedding, pre-DND, important dates and people who wants instant results.
My products line-up
I love everything about DRX !
The professional Dr Angela, DRX products, DRX laser and treatments, their friendly and patience services, nice environment and they are all in white !
DRX Clinic is located at
302, Orchard Road, #16-01, Tong Building, Singapore 238862

Make appointment at 6733 1555

Their operation hours are Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm
Sat 10am - 5pm

 To avoid disappointment,

Please make appointment with Dr Angela ♥
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I'm glad to share my genuine O2 treatment with you guys ♥
 Once again, I would like to say
Thank you DRX for everything !!
 Don't let skin problems bring down your confidence!
Build up your confidence with DRX Clinic Today ! ♥

You deserve beautiful skin too !