Friday, June 28, 2013

♥ TAS Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 ♥

Thank for having me at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 !
My first time for TAS. It's also TAS first time in Singapore !
I had fun with my working colleagues, they are very nice people.
Btw, I worked at GTR booth.
Thank you to those who came to visit me and have a picture with me =)
Bored of seeing pictures of me?
Here's my pretty babes that I worked with
Yup, i'm back from Taiwan trip!
Lucky me when Singapore was having bad haze, i'm in Taiwan. And when i'm back the haze got so much better!
Another good news ! I just got my driving license !! I can drive around anytime. Yay~♥
Thank you guys for visiting my blog.
Have a fruitful weekends ahead !
Till then~