Friday, June 07, 2013


This post would be regarding Revite Beachparty at Wavehouse !
Pictures, pictures and more pictures !!
Did you guys enjoyed during the event?
I bet you guys did =D

All ready for First ever Summer Beach party in Singapore !!

Let's goo~

When I came early, I'll start to do "photoshoot" ! Haha..
All photos credit to Max
Thank you Max for the awesome photos !!

Came early and start drinking early with premium vodka ~
I always love vodka more than any other alcohol

 Snap snap with my dear girl

 We're all waiting for the awesome Djs to play good music !

 Love the photo background effect

 Me with two famous Djs in singapore

 Dj Andrew T, me and Dj Eclipse

 Me and Dj Eclipse

 Me and Dj Andrew T

 Just me having personal shoots again !


 Da tou zhao


The music is pretty awesome ! Best beach party ever !  



 Dj Andrew T lighten up the atmosphere


 Yup, I disturb people when they were serious at work

 photo taking on the stage


 Dj is so cool ~! Maybe I become one of them one day =P


 For more info of Revite event do check out their FB at INVITE
They will be having an social app !
Do check out their FB for the update !
Lastly, I really enjoyed the party with my friends.
Thank you Revite for inviting me !
See you guys next year 2014 !
Till then