Tuesday, June 04, 2013

♥ Hair Profile ♥ Post 7

Hi dear ! Today it would be something special and trendy !
I suggested Kenji that we do Hair Braids !! ♥
I've been wanted for awhile !
Simply love Braids ♥ ♥ ♥
It's the trend now, let's scroll down and see what kind of Braid Kenji do for me !!
Excited as I am ?!
P.s: Kenji is from HAIR PROFILE !

Yup! I didn't wash my hair or even comb them. I just tied a pony-tail =P

Kenji will help me with my hair so I can't be bother. Haha..
And I haven't had my eye makeup done, cause I woke up late again.

My un-wash, un-comb hair !
Such a mess. I don't care !

Kenji did Napura Hair treatment for me again !
Super mad love with Napura treatment !
The best I had in my life !!
This Napura treatment last me not just few days of silkiness and softness, it last me weeks !

Yeah !! Doing curling now ♥

I always love curls ♥ ♥

Braiding start!

Within 5mins ! I got beautiful braids on my head !!
Thank you KENJI !!!
I super love it !! I'm going crazy ♥
I feel like a fairy tale princess ♥


Napura M9 Treatment !
The best Hair Treatment I ever had !
You girls should try this treatment, you will not regret !

♥ ♥ 

Don't look at the bottle so small, It work like magic !

Napura Ph Balancer
Another super awesome products that not many Hair salons in Singapore are using.
Only a few of the salon using this.


So wonderful !
Must snap snap =D

Everybody is so busy working on customer hair but i'm busy snapping around like nobody business !! HAHA..

Feel full of loved !!

Kenji, can I help more different braids on my head in the future ?! ;)


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Book an appointment at

6838 1811/ 6737 7617

My Stylist : Kenji & Nesley

Book an appointment for your perfect colour and hair cut that suits u best !

Thank you for reading !
Enjoy your day !
Great hair day everyone ♥

Everyone deserves to be better and look great !
XOXO~Till then

I'm very lucky to get my hair done at HAIR PROFILE By Kenji & Nesley !
Thank you very much for treating my hair nicely and making it perfect !

When i'm back home, I look for a bow and put it on !
Btw, I sleep with this beautiful braids and woke up the next day with it !
First time i feel beautiful even when i'm sleeping ! =0