Friday, June 14, 2013

♥ A quick update of me & I'm flying to Taiwan ! ♥

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My daily photos will at

I'm loving my Skin, Hair, Nails !
Thank you DRX for making my face beautiful and flawless ♥
Thank you HAIR PROFILE for having my hair so silky,soft and smooth ♥
Thank you MILLY'S for the creative nails that have been done for me ♥

I'm a LUCKIEST and HAPPIEST girl !

Yup, I'm going back to Taiwan ♥
Miss their food, shopping, people.
In fact everything was awesome over there !

Almost every week I've been doing photoshoots. This is the latest and one of my favourite taken by #Leica camera ! The best camera that I don't have to edit my photos ♥

#polaroid ♥

nomakeup, nofilter, noedit
Thank you RHQ for my cutest baby cotton ♥
I just send my baby cotton to RHQ for her lodging.
Mommy miss you already =(
Please take good care of my precious and don't let people bully her !

My first #Pandora with all the lovely #charms that I chosen
They are safety chain, Eiffel tower, stopper, bunny, glass swirl, heart pearl, box, tiara
Love this box that engraved "MY UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT" ♥

My first #Pandora tiara ring ! ♥

Loving my Cartier love necklace & Cartier bangle
and my Pandora charms & Pandora ring ♥

Thank you HAIR PROFILE for the lovely awesomeness BRAIDS !

Lastly, my every week craving !
Curry puff from Old changi market, it was super yummy ! So much better than old chang kee
**I'll be back to blog about my Taiwan trip. Do check out my blog ! Thank you ♥