Friday, May 31, 2013

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥ Post 4

Dear Bunny Lovers out there ~!
This post would be regarding Cotton's First Grooming by Professional Groomer at
RHQ !!
Cotton's getting excited with me. Her nails are way too long ! Must get it trim, dry-bathe, ear-clean by professional !
Scroll downwards to understand more about Cotton's Grooming journey ♥

Cotton with me in her cute baby pink carrier !

Cotton says KONICHIWA ~!

In a mess !!

Let's begin!
These are the tools for a bunny full grooming !
There are scissors, nail cutter, touch light, ear cleaner, brush, comb, conditioner, powder, cotton bud, bit of water.
Please take note !
If water goes in bunny's ear, you will face a huge issue.
Bare this in mind !

 Cotton's nails are too long ! Look at it
Trim, brush and comb !!

 Right after trimming the nails, will start to conditioning the fur.
I can already smell the nice fragrance of the conditioner on Cotton's fur ♥

 Powder time !

 Lastly, ear cleaning time

 Look at Cotton, she is enjoyable. I bet she love it !

 Cotton's pose

 Well, Cotton is well groomed !
Thank you RHQ
Now I will not get scratch by Cotton's long nails anymore =)
 Cotton's looking beautiful, snowy, gorgeous in her cute baby pink carrier

 Home Of Winning Rabbits !!

 I was lucky to see this white little Netherlands dwarf.
Look at it, Aww~! So cute

 A fine looking Netherlands dwarf

 Love to pose as well



 Cotton, Mommy still love you !
The time I spend with you are unforgettable !
The love I gave you are priceless !
I love you Cotton ♥ ♥ ♥

 Here's the Grooming accessories area
Variety of them, basically everything of bunny stuffs are all over at RHQ

 The other corner of it

 Thank you RHQ for your kind patience and professionalism ♥
Actually, Cotton First time grooming. She keep moving around, thank you for been gentle to her so she doesn't fear =D

 I got Massage brush, Powder, Strawberry & Papaya treats, cube for her to grind teeth.

 Japanese products are the best !!
Lovely products and good.
Massage brush for cotton, as and when I'll use it to massage for her

 I use this powder for her every 3-4days.
I preferred Cotton to be cleaned and smell nice !
Very easy to use, just apply some onto bunny's fur and spread it around

 Cube for her to grind teeth.
Lately she keep biting everything in the house. She bite wire, paper bag.
I got this for her to grind her teeth cause she's growing her teeth now.

 Last but not least ! Cotton's favourite !
Strawberry & Papaya treats
I use this to train her, hopefully I can train her well and make a video of it !
Do not give your bunny too much of these treats, cause they will not eat hays.
The most also be once a week
A gentle Reminder to Bunny Lovers !!
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For more Information :
Do approach RHQ staffs for more enquires.
Thank you guys for visiting my blog and thanks for reading my post about Cotton ! ♥
Once again, I love Cotton !
Thank you RHQ

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Till then
Next post would be about Cotton's boarding at RHQ