Sunday, May 19, 2013

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥ Post 3

Hello Bunny lovers !! ♥
Great news ! Scroll down for one and only bunny competition in Singapore
and photos of COTTON ! Cute-ness overload !!
End post will be COTTON playing hide and seek with me
RHQ (Rabbit Headquarters) will be organizing the 2nd ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder Association) Sanctioned show with the finest judges flown in from the US to officiate the event. SHOW rabbits are relatively new in Singapore therefore we urge all animals lovers not to missed the chance to learn in depth about rabbits from the experts. Nothing beats understanding the show quality specifications of rabbit’s best by live specimen on the Show table. Now that’s enough reason to keep your calendar clear on the 2 June 2013. Embrace and adore the adorable rabbits in a different light!

Yes Yes! I'm extremely excited for this Oxbow National Rabbit Show 2013 !
I always love bunny but never get to know and so close with one.
This is my golden opportunity ♥
I can't wait for June to come
Soon I can get to see a lot of bunnies in my entire life !
I'll definitely be there and bring my COTTON to make new friends =DD
All ARBA recognised Breed - BOB/BOSB
Fancy Breed- All Breeds including mix breed and local rabbits for Best Temperament, Best Fur , Best Condition & Best Overall
For more Information :
Remarks: Entrance fee will be waive off for all participants

$8 Entrance fee applicable for visitors, Free for Child below 12
($1 discount when you flash your passion card)
Entrance ticket promise you much fun and joy to probably the 1st ALL ANIMALS exhibition in Singapore. Do not miss out on the biggest :
-International fish show at Aquarama
-Dog Agility competition
- American Rabbit Breeders Association Competition where Judge Allen Mesick will be flown in from US .
-Not forgetting some of the biggest pet brandings around the world in some of the hundreds booth set up


I bought a pink bow for COTTON's photo taking session !

She keep moving but end up she allow me to snap snap~ Good Girl Baby♥

Loving COTTON deeply each day


She's totally photogenic !


♥ Adore ♥

Cotton is hiding again, she always hide and I find her. So cute !!


Cotton is 3.5 months now. She drinks a lot of water, loves to eat hays !
Everyday I look at her, I feel so happy.
I told myself I wanna grow old with her ♥
She move freely in my house, she don't anyhow poo or pee.
She will go back the pee tray to do her business.

Bunny is a great pet to keep

♥ Cotton's signature pose !


If you're keen in bunny or want to know more about bunny do drop by for the Oxbow National Rabbit Show 2013 !!
Do not miss 2nd of JUNE !!
For more Information :
Do approach RHQ staffs for more enquires.
Thank you guys for visiting my blog and thanks for reading my post about Cotton ! ♥
Once again, I love Cotton !
Thank you RHQ

One stop service for rabbit, grooming by a rabbit specialist, boarding, crematory and even photography services. Located at 16 pasir ris farmway 2 (under ericsson pet farm). Open from weekends 11am - 6.30pm. 84814200
Head down to choose your choice of rabbits today !
Till then~ XOXO
Next will be Cotton's grooming Day ! ♥