Monday, May 06, 2013

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥ Post 2

 Naomi's Testimonial :
Besides having the cutest and healthiest bunnies, RHQ is run by a group of very friendly and knowledgeable guys who really care about bunnies! I love my cotton from RHQ! Thank you RHQ
 I Love my Holland Lop, Cotton so much !!

I spent every hour, day with her ♥
I wanna watch her grow and her behaviour, make sure she eat her food well and she poo !
Bunny is very clean, she don't have any smell.
The best pet ever ! ♥
 My baby cotton ♥




 Cotton, I adore you ! ♥

 She's really photogenic, always pose for pictures !!


 She's only palm size when I got her. Now she grow slightly abit of size
Still cute as hell !


 SEE ! One of her favourite pose !!
Below will be my introduction of Cotton home

 My cage got it from WILD SANKO, is a Japanese popular brand.
Very sweet colours, come with baby blue as well, my choice is baby pink cause cotton is a female
This cage is very good can easily remove from the white metal to clear the access poos as well from the bottom.

 Cotton : Mommy, I love my new home ! My hobby is exploring around ♥

Cotton is so excited about her new home
 This is the bottom part whereby I place newspaper on it, the poo or pee will goes down there.
Very easy to handle, just simply remove the newspaper and change a new newspaper on it will do.
Usually I change twice a day, day and night will do =)

 Cotton checking her new home out !
They called it Telescoping
Btw, she always do this and she look super duper cute with it !
Everytime I wanna snap it and always too late. Shall try harder to get more shot of cotton Telescoping !

 Cotton's Water bottle ♥

 Water is important to us as well to bunny !
 Cotton's pee tray ! ♥
This pee tray from WILD SANKO as well. I love this brand products, their colours are perfect and great designs for bunny !
Cotton is Toilet-trained by me ! haha..
I feel proud! Actually is the help of this WILD SANKO Pee Spray !
It works so well ! That no hassle given to me. Cotton can pee on the pee tray by herself.
All u have to do is clean off the pee with tissue paper and put it in the pee tray, then spray WILD SANKO Pee Spray on the spot that your bunny pee on. Keep doing it until she pee on the pee tray. After awhile you will notice your bunny will just pee on the pee tray !
How amazing and useful !!
Thank you very much for having such awesome products for bunnies !
 This is for odor control, actually cotton's pee and poo don't smell anything. Not stink or so ever.
Remember they only eat Hays, Pellets ?
Bunnies are herbivore animals
 Cotton's Bowl by Marukan ♥
A cute bowl for cotton


Grass Hays from RHQ 
 Hays and more hays for cotton!
Hays is very important for bunny ! Grass hay is absolutely vital to the digestive health of your bunny. It helps to prevent obesity, dental disease, diarrhea and boredom. I think hays help bunny to de-stress as well.

 Hay should make up the majority of your bunny's daily diet. Resist offering the same type if hay, offer a variety of hay for optimum health. Hay is a product of nature, so it's normal for each bag to look and feel different.

 Your bunny should have unlimited access to quality grass hay. Unless the hay in your pet's habitat is soiled, do not replace it. Replacing it could encourage picky eating ! Your bunny should eat a pile of hay the size of her body every day.


 Pellets from RHQ
A complete fortified pellet helps you make sure your bunny is getting all the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet.

 Cotton is less than a year old so she can receive OXBOW Alfalfa Hay in addiction to grass hay . After one year, alfalfa hay should be used only as a treat. Pregnant and nursing bunnies recovering from illness have higher nutritional requirements and may benefit from alfalfa in their diets.
 Lots of cute-ness featuring COTTON, my beloved Holland Lop
Thanks to RHQ
The First place for all breeds of bunnies in Singapore!

 Cute-ness overload !!♥

 My cutest bunny in the world !! ♥


 When I was watching Tv, Cotton will lay on my lap. So sweet ♥

 I love cotton very much

Cotton is posing again ! ♥


When I was working on my computer, Cotton is on my lap Telescoping again ! Haha.. CUTE

Cotton is sleeping at her favourite corner of my room

 I'm disturbing her by snapping pictures of her to keep for my collection of cotton !

 Cotton's lying so comfortably ♥


 After cotton finished her telescoping, goofing around she will just lay comfortably on one spot

 How cute she was !


 Playing with her on my lap ♥

 Epic pose of Cotton !! ♥


 Cotton : I love mommy's bed. So comfy max !

 Look at how comfortable she was


 Cute button !! Cotton is playing hide and seek !!♥


 Cotton : I'm strong, I can hold many pillows on me ! ;)
Fret not, she has space for it, not stuffing her
She loves to go in and play hide and seek with me ♥
How adorable !

 Tah-dah! Told u she got space, she make herself at home on my bed looking adorable !
The 4th picture, I feed her hay
 Cotton First video ever !! ♥

Thank you guys for visiting my blog and thanks for reading my post about Cotton ! ♥
Once again, I love Cotton !
Thank you RHQ

One stop service for rabbit, grooming by a rabbit specialist, boarding, crematory and even photography services. Located at 16 pasir ris farmway 2 (under ericsson pet farm). Open from weekends 11am - 6.30pm. 84814200
Head down to choose your choice of rabbits today !
Till then~ XOXO
Next will be Cotton's grooming Day ! ♥