Monday, May 27, 2013


There's a parcel deliver to my house
Let's see what's it =P
Reveur Shampoo & Treatment ♥
Love the way Japanese package their products
Let's learn more about this new NON-SILICONE Shampoo from Japan!
Latest products in Singapore !!
Reveur will be available in Watsons from mid-JUNE onwards
Reveur is a wildly popular brand in Japan's haircare industry,
 especially famous for their silicone-free haircare line and ideology that quality haircare products should be made affordable and enjoyed by the mass market.
Holding the No 1 tittle in the non-silicone haircare industry, Reveur aspires to let its haircare line be recognised as a "beauty product" that assists women in their pursuit of beauty.
 With this goal in mind, Reveur has already won over 8 awards and hit the jaw-dropping mark of 50 million bottles sold in a mere span of 2 years.
Taking pride in using nothing but the finest and most natural ingredients, Reveur continues on its quest to develop quality haircare products that caters to an even wider market.

Reveur Rich & Repair Shampoo ♥

Famous for it's high quality non-silicone shampoo, Reveur has finally reached Singapore's shore !

Yeah! I'm gonna try them out

The 3 KEY Ingredients
♥ Inulacrith moides essence ♥
♥ Hypnea japonica essence ♥
♥ Chondrus crispus essence ♥
Introducing it's Rich & Repair Shampoo, Reveur makes healthy scalp no longer a myth and out of reach for the mass consumer. 

An AFFORDABLE line that has been labelled as a "beauty product" that every woman can enjoy

Reveur Rich & Repair Treatment ♥

Reveur is the perfect harmony of nature's natural goodness in a bottle ♥

Selling 1 bottle every 1.5 seconds, Reveur's unique formula of fine and well-foamed bubbles reduces the friction against the hair.

This effectively avoids the common problem that non-silicone shampoo faces, which is to cause hair to be rough due to the lack of silicone.

Same 3 KEY ingredients as followed

A perfect blend of Mother Nature's all natural goodness to counter damaged hair, 3 natural ingredients from the sea with remarkable healing properties have been chosen to create Reveur Rich & Repair Shampoo and Treatment.

Complimented by 14 other natural essences that help to strengthen and revitalize hair, and the infusion of refreshing oriental citrus aroma that helps user power up.

Reveur Rich & Repair Shampoo and Treatment makes the process of achieving shiny and bouncy hair an enjoyable one.
If you guys are interested in trying this awesome Japan Non-silicone Shampoo & Treatment, Reveur will still be available online ( ) or Nishino Pharmacy mid-May onwards
Reveur's line of Non-silicone Shampoo and Treatment comes in bottles of 500ml at Sgd16.90 each.
Till then ♥ ♥ ♥