Wednesday, May 15, 2013

♥ Hair Profile ♥ Post 6

Hi peeps! It's hair day !! It's time to pamper your hair.
Today I decided to get my hair trim, colour and treatment !
My old colour was already 3months plus
I can't stand my black roots, hair colour and frizzy hair !
Can't stand my SUPER frizzy hair !!
Is time to maintain them at Hair Profile  ♥
You guys mind be familiar with Hair Profile, they located at Far East Plaza #01-91.
Hair Profile have been here for years, they used to do for mediacorp.

As I registered myself at the counter, I was served by their friendly staffs and were seated at my favourite corner of the shop ! As usual, I was served with drinks and magazines to kill time =)
Usually, I don't read the magazine cause i'll be busy chatting with kenji and the friendly staffs over there.
Good bye frizzy/bad hair day !!

The strawberry jams ♥
*Kidding! That's Redken hair dye

Cam-whoring while waiting for my first dye

Me smiling without my ugly teeth *Grin

Hibernating moments~ Btw, I love to do that.. Haha..

Strawberry jams splitting all over my head !! Mad ♥

Yeah~! Time for Second round of dye !
More Strawberry jams please ♥
I don't feel any itchiness on my scalp, Kenji & Nesley so dear to me that letting me use their best products in the world ! My hair dye was Redken not some stupid brands. I can't stand those stupid brands that hurt my scalp and worst of all, make my scalp so itchy !!
Sorry, I just totally hate that feeling.

Time's up !
Time to wash away the massive of strawberry jams that are lay on my head for total an hour.
Cause they did 2 rounds of colour dye for me so to achieve an even tone !
Lucky Kenji and Nesley are so detailed, if not I end up many funny colour tones on my head.
I like this picture a lot, I think I look oh so fine~
*I didn't edit, and I just look good =DD
Maybe I can more pictures when I had my head washed !
I'm god damn lucky !

After PH Balancer, PH Balancer is a unique treatment that I never ever heard of this before in Singapore.
Btw, it's origin from Italy.
How awesome ! Although I never fly to Italy but I get to use Italy's product ! ♥
Many Korea hair salons are using this product.
PH Balancer is an innovative acidifying spray treatment, ideal to re-establish immediately the natural pH of treated-coloured hair, neutralizing the alkalinity due to the colour service.
Thereby the balance of the acid pH blocks the oxidizing agents and facilitates the entire closing of the cuticle scales, assuring strength to the hair's natural protecting layer.
Consequently, besides favouring the hair to be easier to comb and look brighter, it helps to reduce the drainage of the colouring matter maintaining the colour uniform over time.
The coloured hair, moreover, will be protected from the surroundings factors all over their length, achieving a result of brightness and an extraordinary softness for a long time.
Damn lucky that Hair Profile bring in this powerful product !

Look at the DRAMATIC difference !!
Thank you KENJI & NESLEY ♥ ♥ ♥
You guys are the best !!
Make me so pretty so anime looking !
*Peeps, This is after Hair trim, hair colour, hair treatment !
Very good treatment I could say.
When I do carshow and events, people commented that my hair dye many times but still in healthy conditions !! Even my mom, girlfriends think that my hair dye until never spoilt !
All thanks to Kenji for helping me have nice looking colour and healthy hair =DD 

Did you guys realized that Hair Profile don't bleach my hair at all?
Yup Kenji and Nesley don't encourage hair bleach.
They are very very bad for your hair.
They not just anyhow do, they also care for your hair conditions. That's most important !

I'm loving my very long, extremely shiny, silky hair !!
Major love ♥

Peeps !! Great news for you guys!
Hair Profile having Mother's Day Promotion
 ♥ Package A ♥
Hair cut + Perm OR Rebond + Protein Treatment
Worth $290
 ♥ Package B ♥
Hair cut + Colour + Protein Treatment
Worth $285
♥ Package C ♥
Napura Scalp + Protein Treatment
Worth $250
*For all hair length !!
** Valid from today till 31st May 2013, Mon-Fri only
Hurry, make an appointment with Kenji or Nesley at 6838 1811/ 6737 7617
 Maybe I should bring my mom for a hair session ♥
You may LIKED their Facebook at Hair Profile for more information !

Adore Napura products ♥

Napura Treat for Colour Napura K10
A great leave on treatment.
Ideal for stabilizing the hair colour and deeply revitalizing its structure. Protects the capillary fiber in an optimal way. The Silk Proteins make the hair extremely shiny enhancing the firmness of the colour even for a long time.
Totally a MUST HAVE hair product for daily use after hair wash.
Be it semi-dry or fully dry also can use.
Non greasy feeling, not oily at all !
Perfectly good ♥

Awesomely good ! ♥
In fact I love all Napura hair products !
Right below is their Mother's Day Lucky draw !
Good luck peeps

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14, Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01-91/92 Singapore 228213

Book an appointment at

6838 1811/ 6737 7617

My Stylist : Kenji & Nesley

Book an appointment for your perfect colour and hair cut that suits u best !

Enjoy your day !
Great hair day everyone ♥

Everyone deserves to be better and look great !
XOXO~Till then
Next Hair Profile's post will be Napura Treatment and braiding ♥
I can't wait for my next visit !