Sunday, May 12, 2013

♥ DRX CO2 Fractional Laser ♥; Post 3

Yeah~! I'm on my way to have CO2 Fractional Laser treatment done by Dr Angela !
All photos below are unedited. These are 100% genuine and freshly out from my digital camera. 

Take a look at my skin problems. I've post-acne marks and a few small scars on my cheeks.
I really hate them, I need to put concealer to cover them whenever i put on my makeup. Waste time and waste money on concealer ! Dr Angela gonna help me save my time and money =)

Every girl dreams of having flawless perfect skin, so do i !
I want flawless, glowing skin !

My other cheek is not as bad but still have tiny brown spots !!
These post-acne marks had been following me for many years, maybe they just love me too much !
Haha... But i hate them !! Get lost please~

Some photos of my ugly face

Once i reached DRX Clinic, i was served by their friendly and helpful staff. Consulted  Dr Angela for a short while before I was led to the treatment room, to apply numbing cream on my whole face. They then placed  a piece of plastic paper over my face.

Waiting for an hour..

Can u tell the numbing cream is absorbed already.  This means I gonna start my laser soon ! 

The friendly staff removed the numbing cream from my face, and it is time for CO2 Fractional Laser!
I'm excited excited !! This is my second laser done by my trusted doctor, Dr Angela !!
I felt totally comfortable to let my trusted doctor to handle my face. 

Look at how professional Dr Angela is !!

She's stretching my skin area whereby my scars and post-acne were

Even though my face was treated with numbing cream, they are professional enough to blow cold air on my face to make me feel at ease and comfortable !

Here i look like ultraman ! haha... 
 Dr Angela will focus on the areas concentrated with  my post-acne marks and scars first. After that, those areas will become pinkish.
Fret not, i don't feel anything, especially with the numbing cream and cold air.

Here are some video of the CO2 Fractional Laser process by Dr Angela 

Dr Angela says the downtime would be 5-7 days, depends on individual. 
No specific foods that cannot consume. Actually, depends on each one's thinking.
For me, i skip dark soy sauce. And most importantly, apply generous amount of sunscreen on face and neck even when i were to stay at home.

Dr Angela will keep checking with me whether I am hurt or feel uncomfortable.
She's always so sweet =)

She still asking if i'm comfortable or any pain. The truth is i don't even feel a little bit of pain.
Thank you Dr Angela !
I'm one lucky girl that i met Dr Angela to solve my years of skin problems !! 

The second stage of the CO2 Fractional Laser by Dr Angela 

My laser finished after an hour. This is definitely worth it

My face looks pinkish and raw now !
After 5 days, you guys will jealous of my skin =)

This time round, i'm not afraid of the cold air because i'm holding this teddy bear with me under the blanket !
I was given a cute teddy bear to hold so that I would remain calm.

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I'm glad to share my genuine and second laser treatment with you guys ♥
 Once again, I would like to say
Thank you Dr Angela for everything !!
 Don't let skin problems bring down your confidence!
Build up your confidence with DRX Clinic Today ! ♥

Stay tuned for my next post when I will reveal the recovery process and show off my new skin!
You deserve beautiful skin too !