Monday, April 15, 2013

♥ RHQ Rabbit HeadQuarters ♥

Welcome to RHQ ! ♥
A place with award winning bunnies !!
There are Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex.
I decided to get myself a pet bunny as my birthday gift and i found this shop on Facebook
and i think i should share with u guys !
They are friendly people who love bunnies !
This is what i found at their site about their description
       RHQ (First Rabbit Showroom in Singapore, Home of Winning Show Quality Rabbits – Lops/ND/Mini Rex/Lionhead). home to winning Holland Lops and Netherlands Dwarfs. Located in Singapore, our foundation lines are imported from reputable breeders around the world. We strive to raise our rabbits towards international show standards and aim to educate and improve the standards of rabbits here

The cosy bunny place ♥
Let's move in !
Home of Winning rabbits ♥♥♥

    Surprised that there is rabbit show in Singapore.
It is a fancy range of rabbit that has distinct yet aesthetically enchanting appearance. These rabbit meets the minimum standard define in the ARBA’s (American rabbit breeder Association) Standard of perfection for the individual breeds. The rabbits are then judge according to the precise requirements mention in the Standard of perfection with the closest winning the honours. Don’t be mistaken that show quality rabbits are only for serious hobbyist , they do great as a domestic pet for family with kids due to the selective breeding (standards as well as temperament) programme which passes down the desirable traits as well as sweet and docile temperament.​ RHQ has been winning 48 awards over the years. They simply have the best Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Mini Rex and Lionhead in Singapore! Their highest honours include double BEST IN SHOW at the first ARBA sanctioned show, judged by USA professional judges.

Look at their awards ! So many trophy
Damn surprised when i walk in and saw these trophies
I'm totally impressed !
I only heard of dog shows but not rabbit shows, first time in my life i known of rabbit shows
Their rabbits are well kept, provided the rabbits with right amount of food and water, pee tray, everything are well organised by RHQ people. Told you they adore rabbits not purely just selling rabbits and never neglect their needs.
That's the main reason why i choose RHQ
Netherland Dwarf
Netherland Dwarf
Holland Lop
Holland Lop
Another shot of the shop when there are less people. Too crowded that i can't snap it properly.
Somemore trophies at the other side of the shop

Why Rabbit makes good pet? – Rabbits are in fact very intelligent animals , they could be taught to use the toilet tray just like a cat and dog while let out to roam in your living room. Being a hygiene freak ,it is important to me that rabbits are indeed very clean animals , they are always spotted cleaning and grooming themselves several times a day . Therefore you don’t have to bath them yeah !! ( except a dry bath using powder 2 times a week). They are very quiet and responsive animal and could be train to recognize their name and do simple treats like standing up , playing the hoola hoop and even turning in circle. Base on my observation for 1 week, I would say that they are very intimate and personal pets , always snuggling and yearning for your attention.

Look at the rabbit cage. It's clean and well organised
Shopping time for bunny !
They have all range of bunny stuffs.
From foods, cages, water bottles, vitamins, treats, carriers, grooming accessories.. etc !
 Let the pictures keep rolling.. ♥
 Rabbits are lucky too ! Just like dog
Rabbits love HAY !
 I love this balloon bunny !
 Happily posing with it ♥
Yes !! I gonna get myself a REAL bunny ! I'm overjoyed,excited !
Words can't describe how happy i'm !!
As you guys can tell that i been using naomilovebunny for everywhere,
like my facebook, instagram.. etc
I must admit that i really love bunny alot, just that didn't get a chance to keep a real bunny with me.
So i'm damn excited that i found RHQ facebook when i was browsing during my free time.
I've zero knowledge regarding rabbits, am glad that RHQ staffs are so friendly to guide me in details about rabbit's cohabitant, it's behaviour, it's food, it's movement. Now i learn something special !
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to RHQ staffs !
You guys always been so nice and patient with me
Yup, i ask alot of questions each time i went to RHQ. And they are so nice to answer me with their genuine answer
Frosty Lop or Cream Lop?
 Both too adorable !!
Help me !
I decided Frosty Holland Lop after went to the shop for 3 times
She was so cute that i wanna bring home with me immediately but i was told not to.
Cause the bunny still too young, she need her mom's milk
   RHQ has a very strict policy that for rabbits sold being a minimum age of 2 months to ensure they are weaned off and independent on their own. Most available rabbit are actually from 4 months where their features are more prominent. Show quality rabbits basically has a strict criteria to fulfill and are often being passed off as one at 2 months or younger as junior rabbit at this stage has very adorable and nice features. Do read up more b4 you purchase or speak to a helpful RHQ staff who has a wealth of knowledge. This is something you guys might want to take note as there are many breeders passing of their rabbit as a show quality. Trust those who care for their rabbit, RHQ , a true ambassador of show quality rabbits in Singapore. Every single rabbit has been fed with the highest grade of pellets and imported timothy hay from US , handled with love can care everyday they are absolutely sweet and docile even for family with kids. Open only on weekends n public holidays, they serve as an education platform for family and kids as well as a gathering hang out for all animal lovers.
I'm glad to hear from the staff that they care for their rabbits

My choice is the best for me ♥
 I feel she's smiling at me

  One stop service for rabbit, grooming by a rabbit specialist, boarding, crematory and even photography services. Located at 16 pasir ris farmway 2 (under ericsson pet farm). Open from weekends 11am - 6.30pm. 84814200
Head down to choose your choice of rabbits today !
Rabbits are really much better compared to dog.
Till then~ Name my bunny,Setting up bunny's home