Wednesday, April 03, 2013

♥ J & Y Nail Studio ♥

J & Y Nail Studio
J&Y Nail Studio Educators Jess Puan and Yoko Naito are both recognized and international accredited in professional training of nail technicians. We are proud that students recognize our commitment to fostering quality teaching, and we constantly update our teaching skills and acquire the latest methods to ensure their learning success. We do not engage any teaching assistants hence students learn directly from us at all times, with expectations set high in our school, we believe all our students can and will achieve in our classes, and we never give up on any students.
Jess & Yoko
Just part of their achievements over the years
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Great news ladies !
They are sharing with their talents with you girls.
They offer Nail courses
It's so good to learn Japan/Korea nail art in Singapore !
Don't have to fly all the way to Japan/Korea to learn fashionable nail art
Details as followed.
 J&Y NAIL COURSES (In-House Certification)

J&Y Professional Full Course* (20 Lessons)

J&Y Natural Nail Care (4 Lessons)

J&Y Salon Acrylic Hand Painting (2 Lessons)

J&Y Salon 3d Acrylic Nail Art (2 Lessons)

J&Y Acrylic Nail Extension (8 Lessons)

J&Y Hard Gel System (8 Lessons)


ONS Professional Full Course* (28 Lessons)

ONS Natural Nail Care (8 Lessons)
ONS Acrylic Course (10 Lessons)

ONS Gel Course (10 Lessons)

ONS Conversion Course (6 days)

At the end of every course, we allow our students to practice and demonstrate their skills on the hands of their own models, whom they can bring along to practice on. This is to provide them with the confidence they need when handling a real client after they graduate.

* For both J&Y In-House and ONS Full Professional Course, we provide students with full course kit which are QUALITY products from Odyssey Nail Systems (ONS) - Made in USA. It includes the entire product range from tools, brushes, mani, pedi, spa, acrylic, hard gel, soak off gel, apron, bag & table towel. No hidden and extra charges are required from additional purchase throughout the course.

Am looking forward for my ugly nail done by the profession
* Happy *
Quickly sign up for this limited 3D Workshop !
Rilakkuma Loves !! ♥
Contact them at 96908083
They have moved to a new location situated at the heart of Chinatown, their new address is
195 Pearl's Hill Terrace
#02-65 Singapore168976
It's easy and convenient
Those who drive, there are FREE PARKING !
There are MRT and BUSES to get there.
Do see the picture for the direction
Show case of my pretty beautiful nails by Jess ♥
It look shiny in real!
Am happy, contented with my nails ♥
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Have a nice day peeps ! ♥ XOXO