Thursday, April 11, 2013

♥ Hair Profile ♥ Post 5

Pardon me for massive of photos of myself ! =P
I can't help it. My hair make me look awesome !
Actually i have alot of photos but i just select some to post over here.
 I'm sharing my perfect hair with you girls/guys
Due to overwhelming of people asking me about my hair =)
I LOVE my red hair ! ♥ ! ♥

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Have a great day peeps!
My Red hair is super lasting then others. This is my 2nd red with Hair profile.
My first red last me for 4 months, until my black roots came out too much of it so i went back Hair profile to
get new special Red. Those who ask me what colour of my red, the thing is my red is specially done
by Hair profile Kenji. Not any other color that is on the shelf.
Even my Bff, Mavis she also dye exactly the same colour as me.
And she commented that she had the most lasting red on her, she told me that usually red only can last 2-3 weeks. She love her hair so much. Hair profile is totally different! Not only long lasting red. What i like best
is their color dye doesn't feel itchy at all ! I really hate color dye cause very itchy and uneasy.
But i also want pretty hair colour ! Lucky me i found Hair Profile !
Right now I'm more confident ! And I'm in love with my red hair!
I did mentioned that i dislike red initially, but right now I'm loving it each time i look at myself in the mirror!
After colour dye, did a great hair treatment. After several times of color dye, my hair still
soft and smooth. I don't cut my hair until short to let it grow new hair. My hair still manageable even i've long hair  =). Can u spot that i even change my hair parting?
 With perfect hair, you can do any hair parting and still looking good !
I always go back to do hair treatment. I can't stand my hair leaving frizzy and tangled.
I want everyday to be good hair day !
Fret not, my color not bleach color ! I'm proud of this !
Cause mostly outside salons they will agree with any colours u want, but they bleach for u.
I don't like it that they wanna earn money and don't care about your hair. For all we know that bleaching will spoilt your hair totally !
For the past few years, don't you think i look kind of different?
I didn't do any plastic surgery, btw i don't have the courage to do either.
I'm impressed that my hair can make me look better and fairer ~!
For those who love my red like i do, do call 6838 1811/ 6737 7617 to make an appointment
with Kenji. Hope it helps =)
Thank you Kenji for making me beautiful and fairer ♥

14, Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01-91/92 Singapore 228213

Book an appointment at

6838 1811/ 6737 7617

My Stylist : Kenji

Book an appointment for your perfect colour and hair cut that suits u best !

Enjoy your day !
Great hair day everyone ♥