Sunday, April 07, 2013

♥ DRX Clinic Carbon Dioxide Laser ♥ Post 2

My ugly face that without makeup but with sunscreen and my lip balm
(Sorry if i scared you by my first photo ! Haha..)
Excited for my first laser in my entire life !
I always wanted to do a laser. But i only want to do by a trusted doctor.
Laser is not a minor issue, cannot anyhow let people do. Especially face, my face so important to me. I'm sure it happen to everyone too. I'm sharing my genuine experience with you guys.
I'm not paid to do this.
My problem is the post ance mark that still on my face after so long !
Tired of conceal them when i put makeup.
Dr Angela can save my problem! Yippe~!
I went to DRX Clinic,
Consulted by Dr Angela, was told to try Carbon Laser since it was my First laser in my life !
I'm damn excited !!
Heard from many friends about laser but didn't get to do so, cause i wanna done by my most trusted doctor. Which is Dr Angela ♥
She's very nice and listen to my problem.
Thank you Dr Angela
 After consulted by Dr Angela, went to the photo session room to take a before photo then Dr Angela apply carbon cream on my face.
I love their makeup room, huge mirror, white lights, can camwhore.
Nobody can see you
 I've charcoal face now !
Fret not, don't have to walk around with this black charcoal face.
They have a place for you to rest and wait whereby nobody can see you.
I'm glad for that =)
 After 30mins i can start my carbon laser !
Can't wait can't wait !!
I'm very very excited for my first laser done by Dr Angela
 A clearer shot of my ugly black charcoal face
 Dr Angela explaining the proccedure to me before she start.
 She even advise me not to be afraid of the sound coming out from the laser
I told you she's very nice right?
Even small details she give a thought for her patients
and best of all she's one of the few female doctor that is professional.
 Now is the laser with the cold air
 The cold air is very good that let u feel painless !
I swear it was painless !
But i'm scared of the cold air maybe because i got asthma
I just feel i can't breathe when the cold air goes in my nostril.
It was very scary
But Dr Angela use a cotton pad to block my nostril so i don't feel so scare.
She's so nice to ease my fear =)
See, i already overcome the cold air.
Hell yes ! She's mad pro !
 I totally feel nothing at all.
Zero pain!
Just ignore the sound that come out of the laser and relax.
Let the professional make my skin beautiful
At that point of time, my mind was thinking "I gonna have beautiful skin !! I have beautiful skin in 30mins!" It just keep going on my mind.
 Here's a short video taken by my phone.
Click enlarge for better view
 Ta-dah ! First round was done, the black carbon was gone by the laser.
How amazing !!
I'm falling in love with laser ♥ ;P
 Now is the second round of laser going on my face
Can u tell i look relax and fearless?
Yup, i'm. If i'm not excited for my first laser, i think i'll just fall asleep !
Haha.. Is true, i didn't exaggerate.
Totally NO pain at all.
Not like my friends told me last time that laser so pain and sound so scary.
That's one of the reason why i didn't do any laser before.
My opinion is if u wanna try something new, go for the professional which can be trusted.
My advise is don't anyhow go to those very cheap one. I heard that if laser was not done properly, it will be worst and in future will have pigmentation.
I'm so lucky !!
Dr Angela ultra nice !
She keep checking/asking if i feel pain, feel uncomfortable, is this part ok for you.
I said, "Is totally painless and feel not even bit of pain"
 The second video that was from my phone
Once again enlarge it for better view
 After the Carbon Dioxide Laser, the nurse clean my face and apply sunscreen for me.
I was told by Dr Angela that i can go out put makeup and stuff.
There's no downtime for this laser.
Of course must put sunscreen, it's a MUST !
And i can put on my usual skincare by DRX Clinic.
Here's my second bottles for Foaming cleanser, Toner, Max-C, Rejuvenator.
After using first bottles of my skincare products, my face was not oily, always clean and fresh, my face became fairer and moisturize. My advise is to apply on the neck as well. If not you will see your face and neck different tone. Haha.. Btw, neck is very important too. Some people says neck can tell a person age. Wanna look younger? Apply on your neck too !
Their sunscreen is the best amongest all my past sunscreen. They got the right amount of SPF, non oily feeling, block all the UVs, DOESN't clog pores (This is very important, some may not know. Actually most of the sunscreen clog pores) !
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I'm glad to share my genuine and first laser treatment with you guys ♥
 Once again, I would like to say
Thank you Dr Angela for everything !!
 Don't let skin problems bring down your confidence!
Build up your confidence with DRX Clinic Today ! ♥