Friday, April 19, 2013

♥ Cure & Kpalette ♥

Today's a great and happy day for me !
Received Cure & Kpalette products on my doorstep !
Let's try out their awarded products now ♥

Let's start with Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Cure BathTime Magic Salt

CURE website for more information !

This is Cure BathTime Magic Salt ♥

What is Magic Salt?

CURE bathtime is the new product developed under CURE. This mineral salt contains 100% natural bath salts obtained from Himalayan mountains, which is standing high at an altitude of 1480 feet and rich in 66 types of minerals. This is the purest and most unpolluted salt on earth that was formed since 300 million years ago, with no added preservatives and artificial addictives.
In ancient times, the traditional medicinal practice of Ayuruveda had already used Himalayan salt as their alternative medicine. 

What are the benefits?
 Aging refers to the oxidation of the body. This magic salt is able to amazingly transform oxidized water into restoration water. As such, using the magic salt helps to transform the oxidized condition to anti-oxidation (anti-aging). 
 Main benefits:
1.      Hot spring effects

2.      Detox (produce more perspiration bathing with bath salt for 20mins)
3.      Anti-aging
4.      Slimming effects
5.      Improve immune system
6.      Improve & rejuvenate skin complexion
7.      Reduce fatigue
8.      Remove chlorine contents in tap water
9.      Helps to solve other skin conditions (e.g.: Atopy Athlete feet)
 ** For clearer and effective results, it is recommended to use continuously for at least 1 month. Results vary among individuals.


How to use Cure bathtime?

            Bathing (For detox, slimming & rejuvenating results)

Step 1: Use 1-3 packs of Cure bathtime each time to fill up the bathtub
Step 2: Stir well to dissolve the salt 
Step 3: Soak your body, hair and face for at least 20 minutes

          Foot bath (Recommended for athlete feet or dry skin) Step 1: 1 pack to fill up the washing bowl.
Step 2: Stir well to dissolve the salt
Step 3: Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes

            Hair bath (For more beautiful and silkier hair) 
Step 1: 1 pack of Cure bathtime to fill up the washing bowl (or soak your hair while taking your bath)
Step 2: Stir well and dissolve the salt
Step 3: Soak your hair in the water
*It is proven that continuous usage helps to darken your hair color, from grey hair to black!
    Use it with CURE Natural Aqua Gel
 Double power! Double effect!
Step 1: Use CURE Natural Aqua Gel to exfoliate and remove your dead skin Step 2: After cleansing away the dead skin, towel dry your face.
Step 3: Use 1/3 of the Cure bathtime for face, Soak and wash your face into the dissolved warm salt water. Your skin will absorbs the essence and nutrients from Cure bathtime directly.
 Skin care steps for your ideal skin
 Cleanse your face        CURE Natural Aqua Gel        CURE Bath salt        Skin lotion
& towel dry             à (exfoliation)                      à                               à 
**Rinse off is not necessary after using Cure bathtime.

What’s the strong smell from the salt?

It is common to have the raw smell. It is a natural smell of the mineral salt and is harmless to our body.

After breaking records in Japan, CURE created the same legendary results in Singapore. Launched 10 years ago in Japan and 4 years ago in Singapore, CURE has consistently topped the charts in @Cosme, a popular Japanese beauty website, as the best-selling skincare product.  CURE is also highly rated in many leading Japanese beauty and health

magazines.  CURE is now moving at the rate of 1 bottle every 12 seconds across Japan, and is still the number 1 facial exfoliator in Watsons, Singapore’s leading personal care store.
This was achieved through no advertising and celebrity endorsement!  This is a rare feat in today’s highly aggressive and competitive beauty industry.


About CURE

“NO Preservative, No Coloring, Artificial Fragrance-Free”


Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin.  Unlike chemical peels which use strong acid, CURE is very gentle on the skin and only removes the unwanted dead skin and it does not dry or thin your skin and cause it to be vulnerable to sunlight.

Properties of CURE



       Made of 90% water (revitalized hydrogen water) and natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary
       Contains no preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings and alcohol

Thought Process of CURE


At the time of inventing CURE, its manufacturer paid attention to the effects of what a hair conditioner does to hair.  Just like how hair conditioners leaves hair moisturized after use, CURE does the same with your skin.
CURE only reacts with old protein on the upper most skin layer (0.01mm) and leaves essential and necessary proteins untouched, therefore removing only dead skin, leaving NO damage to healthy skin.

How does CURE work?


Cure Natural Aqua Gel focuses on the effects of its ingredients (mainly revitalized hydrogen water) that bind with the unwanted protein (rough and dead skin) on the skin surface to obtain a clearer, brighter skin, restoring our skin back to its health.  The gel will immediately react to the dead skin cells on the skin surface once applied without the need to rub.  This lifting off of dirt and unwanted protein/keratin keeps our face smooth and void of skin problems.  


How to use CURE


With just 4 simple steps, you can achieve the effects of a facial in less than 5 minutes!

Benefits of CURE



CURE gently and effectively remove old and dead skin cells to regularize skin turnover and prevent skin problems such as blocked pores, blackheads, excess sebum and dull skin tone. 
With regular use, skin is kept healthy, smooth and transparent.  




Our skin is the largest single organ in our entire human body and being the outermost layer of covering, it is most exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and the free radicals in the environment.  Our skin undergoes a renewal process every 28 days where the growth of new skin cells will push up the old skin cells to the surface.  When these old skin cells are not removed, it will hinder our skin renewal and regeneration, giving rise to various skin problems such as clogged pores, blackheads, dull skin tone, blemishes and pimples etc.  
We often spend a lot of money on expensive skincare products to cure our skin problems but neglect the basic truth that if we keep our skin healthy, all these problems will be kept at bay.  Our moistuizers and serums will also work better with deeper penetration when old skin cells are removed.    
CURE is a simple product focusing on the effectiveness of its ingredients and coupled with the understanding of our skin’s renewal process and practicing regular exfoliation to remove dead skin, we will certainly reap better and long-lasting results of brighter, smoother and blemish-free skin!  


Why is CURE cost effective?


A 250 ml of CURE can last up to 6 months with twice weekly usage.  Retailing at just SGD49, it is one of the most affordable facial exfoliator in the market today with results that speaks for itself.

Who can use CURE?


As CURE is a natural exfoliating gel, it is so safe and gentle that it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. And can be used on any part of the body (e.g. neck, elbow, knees).  If you have a sensitive skin, please adjust the amount that you will use according to your skin condition

CURE can even be used for the whole body (eg. neck, elbow, knees).  Male users can use CURE for the neck area as this area is more susceptible to damage as dirt tends to accumulate around the collar area.

Achievements of CURE in JAPAN and SINGAPORE

“CURE was part of the 81st Academy Awards!  CURE was given to the nominees and awarded actors/actresses as part of the gift bag.  CURE’s staffs

were present at the pre-event party to give on the spot demonstration to attending celebrities.”
Cure is a great hit in the market and a record-setter with 1 bottle sold in every 12 seconds.  The brand has grown mainly through word of mouth by satisfied customers over the last 10 years since its launch in Japan. Cure has been consistently one of the best-selling products in Japan with strong support from customers.  
In Japan…
    1 bottle is being sold every 12 seconds without any advertising cost for the past 10 years.
    Chosen as the TOP 10 most popular item in SONY Plaza in GINZA with the rest of the 9 products coming from global and well known major cosmetic brands which averages 1 billion yen in yearly advertising spent
   This is no mean feat as SONY Plaza retails over 5000 items and any items that are found to be unpopular will be removed immediately!
   CURE gained endorsement from "NIKKEI HEALTH”.  Considered to be the most credible and trustworthy magazine for health and beauty in Japan, Nikkei Health tested and proved the whitening effects of CURE.
     Japan’s biggest cosmetic website “@ cosme” with over 5.5 million volume in traffic ranked CURE as the TOP 4 positions in its pealing product category from 2005 to 2010
      Many celebrities including actresses and models use CURE in Japan.  Some of them have even written about CURE in their own essays and books.
      CURE has been featured in major magazines in Japan
     Awarded as No.1 product in the peeling category (@Cosme)
       Awarded as No.2 peeling product of 2006 (Hontou ni yokatta Cosme)
    Awarded as No.2 peeling product of 2007 (Hontou ni yokatta Cosme)
     Awarded as No.2 special care product by readers (Cutie 2006 November issue)
     Awarded as No.1 product by readers (ViVi 2007 January issue)
       Awarded as No.1 cosmetic product in Hokkaido region (ViVi 2007 August issue)

Look at the deadskin come out from my hand.
In Singapore…
       Awarded Best-selling Natural Facial Exfoliant in Watsons Health, Wellness & Beauty Award 2009 
       Voted Best Exfoliator in Singapore Women's Weekly Best Beauty Buys Award 2010 
       Awarded Best-selling Natural Facial Exfoliant in Watsons Health, Wellness & Beauty Award 2010 
       Ranked number 4 in Watsons highest gross sales product  
       New legend in Watsons: 1st Brand with only 1 SKU to sit on the 1.0m Top Promotion Shelf under the Kawaii Corner for 4 years
       Still the number 1 selling facial exfoliator in Watsons after 4 years


K-Palette is a highly popular Japanese makeup brand best known for its long-lasting and award-winning range of “1 Day Tattoo” eye cosmetics. 

Its 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner is one of Japan’s best-selling liquid eyeliner with patented micro-fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eye makeup. 

K-Palette was launched in Singapore in 2007 and has received numerous prestigious awards for its products annually. K-Palette has since grown its brand name to be synonymous with high performance liquid eyeliner in the mass market. With its success, KPalette has also subsequently expanded its product range over these few years to cater to a larger audience. 
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Kpalette cosmetics ♥
I'm sure u girls are waiting for this !
Every girls love makeup ♥

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer is the latest addition to the popular Japanese makeup brand. Launched in March 2012, this concealer works to hide undereye dark circles, skin discoloration and fine lines naturally and flawlessly. Eyes will instantly look more awake after applying!

This long-lasting, lightweight eye concealer comes in 3 different shades, each formulated with different beauty ingredients to care for sensitive eye areas while concealing eye imperfections. 

Zero Kuma Concealer (01 Natural Beige) is best suited to conceal light dark circles. It also consists of special hydrating ingredients Super lower-molecular Hyaluronic Acid-A, Water-soluble Collagen and Rose Water to moisturise undereye areas. 

Zero Kuma Concealer (02 Yellow Beige) has a light shade that works wonderfully to cover dark circles caused by pigmentation or skin dullness. It contains brightening ingredients Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Prune Extract.

Zero Kuma Concealer (03 Orange Beige) conceals dark circles caused by poor blood circulation. This orangey shade hides blood vessels around tired eyes well. It contains beauty ingredients Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaves Extract & Amino Acid (Glycine) to revive tired-looking eyes by improving blood circulation around eye areas.
K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer is exclusively available at all BHG & Sasa stores and for SGD19.90 from March 2012 onwards.

 Their concealer is good and worth to buy at a reasonable price
Japalang Pte Ltd specializes in providing one-stop business solution for the sales, marketing, brand development and distribution of beauty and personal care products. Our key business area is in the fast moving consumer goods with focus on Asia. We are strategically located in Singapore with access to a wide distribution network. 

Founded in 2007, Japalang was set up with a clear vision of sourcing the best consumer products and making them available to the mass
market. We provide the platform for the induction of new product to brand development and market expansion. We are a young and dynamic company with a passionate team and good network of business partners to deliver our commitment. We understand that each brand is unique and the key of success lies in embracing the brand’s philosophy and working closely with our partners to realize its potential.
We are proud to be the distributor for many quality and well-known brands, like Cure Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette, STEAMCREAM, Beautyblender, etc.

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner 

Awarded Best Everyday Eyebrow Pencil / Kit  in CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2012!

The revolutionary 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner now comes with a powder tip on the other end to compliment its liquid tip!

You can now simultaneously shade and tint long-lasting eyebrows with its smudge-proof and water-resistant polymers, and use the powder tip to draw eyebrows even more naturally.

This waterproof eyebrow liner is made of just the right amount of translucence such that the colour is deep enough to conceal the sparse areas of your eyebrows but not too
dark that it gives a severe and unforgiving tone. If you require a darker tone, just go over the same area twice or more. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals!
K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner is available at Sasa, selected Watsons, BHG, Nishino Pharmacy and for SGD23.90.
Available in 2 shades: #01 Chocolate Brown (recommended for tanned skin or dark hair types) and #02 Honey Brown (recommended for light skin or hair color types).
 Step 1 ♥ Draw the arch first, define it in the shape u require
Step 2 ♥ Apply the sponge area on your front brow, continue doing a stroke until it's perfect
Improved formula for lasting eyelines! 24hours of lasting and striking eye lines. 

-     New formula ensures eyelines dry instantly (No risk of panda eyes from smudging!)

-     Eye lines are more lasting with strengthened resistance against water, sweat and sebum 

    (Improved waterproof and smudge-proof functions!) 
Infused with beauty cosmetic ingredients! Addition of 3 types of beauty essences that takes care   of the delicate area around your eyes during application (Hyaluronic acid Na, Water soluble  collagen


K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (Waterproof Super Black) is able to create an impressive eye makeup look that stays dazzling and intense throughout the day, without the need for touch up. 
No more rushing to the mirror to check for panda eyes or missing winged tips!


As if lashes were permed!
The new mascara from best-selling, award-winning Japanese makeup brand K-Palette, the aptly named ‘1DAY LASH PERM’ has arrived on our shores. Following its successful launch of its 1DAY LASH PERM Long Curl Mascara, K-Palette now proudly introduces its new addition to the line of ‘1DAY LASH PERM’ – K-Palette 1DAY LASH PERM Volume Curl Mascara. 
The 1DAY LASH PERM sees the introduction of the acrylates polymer, a curl keep polymer that enables eyelashes to curl instantly, with a single stroke. The polymer also reinforces the durability of the curl, keeping the curl effect long lasting throughout the day.
Another key ingredient found in the 1DAY LASH PERM is pullulan, which coats each and every lash. The addition of this ingredient defines the lashes by making them thick and volumised, creating the gorgeous eyes every woman desires. 
K-Palette strives to take care of every woman’s needs and has thoughtfully added 4 different beauty essences into the new 1DAY LASH PERM Volume Curl Mascara. The lashes are now properly taken care of with the addition of Panthenol, Hydrolyze Silk, Red Algae Essence and Swertia Herb.
There are also design enhancements made to the brush to facilitate and maximise the use of the 1DAY LASH PERM Volume Curl Mascara. The inner curve of the bow-shaped brush conveniently sweeps the lashes in an upward curl to add volume instantly. To further enhance the volume effect on the lashes, simply use the shorter brush bristles at the side
K-PALETTE 1DAY LASH PERM Volume Curl Mascara
to make an upward zigzag motion. The fine tip of the brush makes it easy to apply on the short lashes and the inner corner of the eyes. 
K-Palette products present top-notch quality at great value and delivers excitement and delight to beauty enthusiasts.
The 1DAY LASH PERM Volume Curl Mascara by K-Palette retails at S$25.90, and is available at selected Watsons stores. Distributed exclusively by Japalang Pte Ltd. 


About K-Palette

K-Palette is a highly popular Japanese makeup brand best known for its long-lasting and award-winning range of “1 Day Tattoo” eye cosmetics. Its 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner is one of Japan’s best-selling liquid eyeliners with patented micro-fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eye makeup. K-Palette was launched in Singapore in 2007 and has received numerous prestigious awards for its products annually. K-Palette has since grown its brand name to be synonymous with high performance liquid eyeliner in the mass market. With its growing success, K-Palette has also subsequently expanded its product range over these few years to cater to an ever diversifying audience.

Try the 1DAY Lash perm !
I even apply my bottom lash.

Remember to Curl your lashes before u apply !

I didn't put my own makeup except my lip gloss =)
My entire face makeup by KPalette !
As u can tell i didn't put false lashes
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyepencil 24h One Day Tattoo
A very long lasting eyepencil for under eyelid. I'm surprised that the black is really Black !
Not like many eyepencil that don't turn out black enough. Best of all, it doesn't smudge and pretty long lasting for my entire day !

I usually use eyepencil for under eyelid.

I'm totally satisfied with my new makeup ♥
Thank you JAPALAN ♥
XOXO till then ~