Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Birthday entry ♥

Is my birthday on 25 March ♥ 
Getting older and wiser
Thank you mom for having me, appreciate my precious life each day.
"Nothing is worth it if you aren't HAPPY"
That matter most
Checked in Capella Villa
Had a memorable birthday  ♥ 
Cam-whoring time !
Red bikini my choice
Enjoyable at the pool~♥ 
Took this buggy ride to villa ♥
Awaiting for my surprised !
Ta-dah ! My favourite combination
Strawberry, chocolate, berry..
Photo taking with my cake and here goes my bday song~
Time for making bday wish
Guess my wishes?
I wish my love ones include my family, friends be happy and healthy
and i wish i become prettier.. haha (that's my every year wish)
Cut cake =D
My mom cooked me bday mee sua and a gold bracelet as my present
Now i have many gold stuffs in my jewelry box
Thank you mom and i love you ! ♥ 
Miu miu limited edition shoulder bag ♥ 
Thank you very much
Thank you sis, mavis ! ♥ 
Our many years of friendship and still counting !
Thank you for these gifts ♥ 
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and remember my bday !