Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm officially a Samsung S3 user ! ♥

I'm not paid to blog about S3. Just wanna share with you guys.
I used to be a iphone user. S3 is a great, amazing phone !

First, i love the camera ! Super clear. (photo above can prove it)
Second, the screen is just perfect for photo viewing. (for those who love to camwhore, you will definitely love this !)
Third, the weigh of the phone is much more lighter.
Four, the internet speed faster. I don't experienced any jam.
Five, Android also have many free apps.
Six, you can swap with your hand to screenshot ! (how cool isn't it?)
Seven, you can design your own widget 
Eight, you can put any customized ringtone of your own.
I'm sure there are much more which i haven't found out. =)

My S3 and original mercury jelly case !
I bought these 3 casing to prim up my s3 ♥

I'm happy and loving my S3 ! 
Thank you Samsung for creating such a great phone ♥ 
**Have a great day peeps ! 
Thanks for supporting me for these years =)