Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Surprised !! My new hairstyle =)
Decided to have a new look with Hair Profile
Check Hair Profile out at 

I'm loving my new hair style !
My friends comment that i look young and youthful !
I think it suits me very well =D

Hair Profile is place located at 
14, Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01-91/92 Singapore 228213
Book an appointment at 
6838 1811/ 6737 7617
My Hair Cut Stylist : Kenji
My Hair Colour Stylist : Nesley
*Scroll downwards and you will know why these two stylist are awesomely great !
Introduction of Hair Profile ♥
This place decoration reminds me of hair salon in Japan

Japanese type of hair wash chair 
Getting started..
Inches of hair gone..
Advice by the expertise 
You gonna love this Redken hair colour !
I love to have my hair coloured but i hate the itchy feeling. 
You guys know what? 
This Redken hair colour have ZERO-ITCHINESS 
 (I swear it's so great that i have no concern about the dying process)
With Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Haircolour service it leaves your hair 2 times more fortified than without.
My hair colour is totally EVEN, be it top/bottom.

The rest shall leave them for Kenji and Nesley to explain to you !

Kenji doing his best to fulfil all my demanding wishes! 
Yup, i'm very demanding on my hair. 
My dear gf took this while i was so comfortably sleeping with my hair  dying on process.. Told you right? Zero-itchiness =)
My both life saver name card 
Remember to call and make an appointment to avoid disappointment  
Pardon me for tons of self-pic photos.
This shows i totally love my new look ! ♥

I love this part of my hair
They did styling for me too 

**Note : My hair colour and hair cut are real! Those who follow my blog know i don't photoshop ! My hair look exactly awesome in real like my photos =D Fret not, i'm not cheating you guys with any photoshop. 
Recommended Hair colour shampoo and conditioner mask
to protect your awesome hair colour
NAPURA is the one  ! 

Ladies & Gentleman
I love you guys for supporting my blog 
and i have a great deal for you !

Colour & Cut only SGD69
for a limited time only !
Do call 6838 1811 or 6737 7617
to book an appointment with KENJI or NESLEY ♥

Enjoy your day with HAIR PROFILE